Wednesday 1 April 2015

[Potential Panic!!!] Janelle Monae Changes Lanes with "Yoga"

In a move that is sure to alienate fans of the Diva who consider themselves more on the cerebral side, Janelle Monae has apparently turned to the dark side with the first song from her new EP, Eephus.

Yoga isn't expressly explicit in its content, but it doesn't make it too hard to figure out something more racy is going on than the title suggests. With lines such as "baby, bend over", and the obligatory mention of  *shock horror* booty in the chorus, this sunny track, on paper, sounds like someone taking aim at the top-40.  But of course, this is still Janelle we're talking about, so there's no laziness in her suggestiveness or the track's production.

Just give it a try. You might like it. I sure did!


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