Monday 18 May 2015

[Discuss] Taylor Swift Shows Us A Strong Woman Is a Sexual Woman with "Bad Blood" Video! #Girlpower

Taylor Swift's video for Bad Blood was causing waves before it was even released. And it's no wonder they were hyping it so early; having seen it now, it looks like a small fortune was spent on it.

Directed by Joseph Khan, a sci-fi ref'ing, celeb-heavy VT is maybe the last thing I would have expected to get from Taylor Swift. No. Actually, Kendrick Lamar featuring on the track is actually the last thing I would have expected! And just as odd as this collaboration sounds in theory is actually just how odd it comes across to me, watching it. Seriously, this might be THE most blatant use of a rapper for street cred and crossover appeal that I've ever seen. And Kendrick not featuring on the album version has me side-eying Taylor, hard.

The sexuality the video is laced with also made me mildly uncomfortable. I don't for a second think the Diva was forced into this stylistic choice- it's more likely she's upsetting the label doing this. But the ickiness comes more from watching the clich├ęd, hollow and one dimensional idea of what it is to be a fierce woman that's presented by ALL the ladies featured. And to top it off, this whole s**t show starts because one woman (Selena Gomez) stabs another (Taylor) in the back. How's that for #girlpower!

I was actually looking forward to seeing this, so was genuinely blindsided by the adverse reaction. I'm just going to calm my nips by repeating to myself that it's only a music video and a little bit of fun. After that, once I regain my senses, I shall go and find a life. Wish me luck!


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