Monday, 18 May 2015

Tori Kelly Impresses With "Nobody Love" @ 2015 Billboard Music Awards

No idea who Tori Kelly is.

I think some of y'all have mentioned her to me in the Free For All Friday posts, but she has only vaguely stuck to my Teflon coated brain. This performance right here though, makes me think I should be paying more attention to this Diva.

For a newbie she did more than a great job, performing Nobody Love to the star-studded Billboard Music audience with just a guitar and her voice. (I totally would have gone down the Britney/Iggy, distract all with spectacle, route if I had been Tori!). Jessie J couldn't help but come to mind when listening to the belting and vocal runs, however it wasn't enough to brand her as an imitator. And although it did sound at some points she was reaching with the notes, this was still a stellar showing any which way I cut it.



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