Wednesday 6 May 2015

[Listen] Mariah Carey Smashes Whistle Notes In Secret Recordings From Caesar's Palace Rehearsals

Some jammie dodger has only managed to sneak out audio from Mariah Carey's rehearsals for her upcoming residency at The Coliseum at Caesar's Palace.

I don't even want to hear people claiming these whistles are lipped!

Particularly telling of their authenticity is hearing her slide into one of the notes at 3.34. Sure, the belts are sounding heavy and slightly cumbersome, but hey, I'd rather have live and rearranged renditions than lipped and delusional feats of fakery. That's not to say I think Mariah can't still hit those notes. It's just those great vocal days are rare. Although, maybe she's purposely keeping the high/mixed belts under wraps, since it's only a rehearsal. Not long to find out either way.

You ready to hear what state the Diva's voice is currently in? GET TO IT!

mariah carey whistle

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