Wednesday 13 May 2015

[Music Video] Britney Spears' "Pretty Girls" Continues to Be "Fancy" Pt.2

So we've already established how Pretty Girls is Fancy pt. 2. Well the video does nothing to challenge this connection with an aesthetic that swipes its '90s-inspired, Clueless visuals too.

But there is some levity to be found, with a little skit midway and a zany narrative that sees Iggy the alien abduct my child, Britney Spears. The sad thing is, I'm not entirely sure Britney got that this was a music video and not real life. The excited look of happiness on her face, when the transporter beam narrows in on her, leads me to believe she thought her life of servitude to the record label and her dad was finally over. #freebritney

Still, I enjoyed the visuals and am thankful for this moment, if nothing else.


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