Wednesday 29 July 2015

[Vocal Profile] Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly

Vocal Type: Lyric Coloratura Soprano
Vocal Range: C3 - Bb6 (3 octaves, 5 notes and 1 semitone)
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Strengths: A strong, bright voice characterized by its feminine, sophisticated nature. Tori Kelly possesses superb vocal dexterity that is shown by her elaborate, nimble and soul-influenced vocal runs and inflections, which can cover multiple notes effortlessly [P.Y.T.].

In addition, Tori has displayed exemplary versatility and musicality. This allows for her to take another's material and make it unique and personal[Thinkin' Bout You], and also canny enough to play with, and create interesting harmonies- such as the neo-soul and gospel-influenced ones found in Falling Slow.

Tori's lower range is dark, lush and well-supported, showcasing a full, controlled quality down to E3. It is easily accessed from the mid-range [Bottled Up]. Below that, are notes that despite their fogginess, sound audible and well-controlled [First Heartbreak]. In a live setting, she has no problem descending to the lower extremities of her voice, and although it lacks the audibility within a studio setting, she sounds controlled and measured when attempting them [Star-Spangled Banner].

The mid-range has a girlish, bright, lyrical quality and emotive capabilities. For example, in Daydream she injects optimism and hope into her vocals; while All In My Head is full of grief and sadness. Seamlessly connected to both the upper and lower ranges, the mid-range conveys a fluidity to the voice, enabling her to ascend and descend through the voice effortlessly [Dear No One].

The mid-belts can be sustained for extended periods of time, usually with a polished, wide and rolling vibrato to negate any sort of tension or "oddness" within the voice [Confetti]. It displays a bright, incisive tone paired with a timbre that gains a slight steeliness at points [Expensive]. As the voice moves into the upper-belts, Tori's voice can sound choked, throaty and pulled, with some of its natural colour being shed [Funny]. However due to her developing vocal technique, the Diva has shown she is capable of a more easy, resonant and bright sound if she mixes her voice [Nobody Love].

Tori opts for a girlish, cottony falsetto that has a bright and warm tone [Talk] when at the top of her range. However, she can solidify the sound making it brighter and fuller, if she so chooses [California Lovers].  Much like her head voice, the Diva's piercing, bright whistle register is underutilised, but she has shown skill within it being able to apply a vibrato [Treasure] and pitch notes without the need of a climb or vocal slide [Example].

As a whole, Tori is a smart musician and vocalist with exemplary and unique musicality. As well as being a skilful, emotive and dexterous vocalist, the Diva is a master of dynamics, being able to quickly transition from a bright, nasalized mid-belt to a dark, foggy low note within seconds [Unbreakable Smile].

Vocal Weaknesses: As a whole, the nasality present can become overbearing within the upper chest and top notes, with the voice sounding pulled, throaty and tense.

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