Wednesday 19 August 2015

[Discuss] Overrated Singers

We've all had that experience where someone (or usually at the time, seemingly everyone) is going on and on about a singer, and you're just not getting the fuss. Bad times.

This isn't really about a singer being out and out bad, mind. For example Britney Spears can't really sing well. But since she's  never been billed as a vocalist of any sort, to call her "overrated" (vocally) would be untrue. So what do I mean? Let me give you una example.

A singer who is currently getting a little bit too much praise for their skills is Sam Smith. For anyone unfamiliar with this British singer, he is probably most known for the song Stay With Me. Take a listen and get a feeling for this guy. I'll wait....

Now I'm not a hater by any means. (How could I personally dislike a dude who places Whitney and Mariah as numbers 1 and 2, respectively, on his Top Ten list of greatest RnB voices ). I even love the collaborations he did with Naughty Dog and Disclosure. And to anyone thinking I'm skirting around the issue by not addressing his voice directly, let me say: I like it. Particularly the way he mixes to hit fifth octave notes, as well as some of his runs.

But the point of this post is to discuss when you consider someone OVERRATED, and that's what I currently feel about Sam. It's true that none of this is his fault. It's the fans- who claim him to be the greatest British soul singer, ever(!)- and the hyperbolic press- who write articles calling his voice "miraculous" and "The Voice The World Needs Right Now"- who are hyping him to the Gawds and making me feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

So, since I can't be part of their world, I'll settle for throwing my thingamabobs out of my clam and deem him (currently) an overrated singer.

But what about Y'all? Who do you think is (or has) been given too much credit for their skills as a vocalist.
(Come on, let's spread some negativity all up in here...maybe it'll make us better people!)

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