Thursday 20 August 2015

[NOOOOO!] JoJo Releases Three Generic-y New Singles.

JoJo has released three new singles! Yipee! (Sorta.)

In theory, I'm happy for this moment. It feels like we've been waiting for an official release for yonks, and it is great to know JoJo is back making music that has a chance of topping up that coin purse. But the reality is, only one of the three tracks is anywhere near the standard set by her most recent releases (See #LoveJo/ Far From Heaven/Demonstrate).

Perhaps we've been spoilt by an experimental JoJo who had nothing to lose- being previously handcuffed to a duff label- and only a desire to express herself, musically. Now that she's back- with a different label actually supporting her- it makes sense that the material put out would be more aligned towards that found in the top 40. They want to make money, after all.

Thus, here we find ourselves with three pretty generic tracks, with tinny and demo-ish production. Worse than that, the crown jewel- JoJo's voice- is so thin and processed that only Say Love (the best of the bunch) features any of the qualities we've come to love and expect from the Diva's instrument.

Dazed and confused. Someone hold me!!


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