Tuesday 11 August 2015

Lana Del Rey Trys Out Trap With "High By The Beach"

Lana Del Rey is keeping up the musical push by releasing a new single from the soon to be released LP, Honeymoon.

High By The Beach is as dreamy as Lana's last release, the title track of the album. However, the Diva has injected a little street, and modernity, into this cut with an electronic trap(ish) beat.

Honestly, as beautiful as the song sounds, the beat wasn't needed- sounding unpolished, cheap and incongruous with the rest of the production. But hey, the track is about about getting high, so why not throw in an "urban" flavour, because, you know, that's not cliché at all.

Still, I'm liking what I've heard from Honeymoon so far.


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