Thursday, 6 August 2015

[Vocal Profile] Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: Bb2 - A5 - A6 (3 octaves 7 notes and a semitone)
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Strengths: A technical and emotive vocalist, Hayley Williams’ voice has an edge that has been manoeuvred and molded into a unique vocal styling. A knowledgeable singer, she has honed her skills to create (the appearance of) a fully connected range that rings with a spunk-infused attitude.

With her faceted pop-punk vocal styling, Hayley has the versatility to play with tone, timbre and delivery to create vocals that are sympathetic to the music. For instance: she can deliver speedy and flawlessly-timed phrasing that is clear and concise [Misery Business]; or be powerful, sturdy and bright enough in tone to cut through instrumentation [Ignorance]. To any of these styles, Hayley is able to apply a wide, developed and rolling vibrato that rings like a bell [Brick By Boring Brick].

Hayley's lower range is extremely well-developed and excellently accessed. It carries the trademark resonance and spunky tone down to the bottom [Say Anything]. Over the years, due to her voice maturing and being trained, the extension has turned darker and become better supported [Hate To See Your Heart Break]. Easily accessed from the mid-range, it is the only part of the voice that has a dark colouring. It also has a flexibility, being able to be huskier and softer [For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic] if needed.

As she ascends into the midrange, Hayley gains more solidity to her tone, becoming much brighter. The voice gains a haunting, enigmatic nature not present in any other part of the voice [Emergency]. This is where Hayley begins to incorporate her signature edge [Let The Flames Begin]. The middle region can mirror the characteristics of the belting voice, and so, it flawlessly climbs up into it [Fast In My Car].

The belting range is where Hayley truly shines: With incredible resonance and great vocal support, she begins using the edge to her advantage, giving the voice an immediately identifiable character [Still Into You]. Due to the freedom, Hayley can execute many different vocal tricks here, such as: holding mid-belts for lengthy amounts of time with control and vibrato [Decode]; phrasing mid-belts that resonate excellently [Part II]; or sliding and executing a rock-oriented style of melisma, even at her top notes [All I Wanted]. She can also create a tenser, throatier sound to her upper belts by singing with a more chest-dominate mix. Whichever timbre she does choose, the Diva can jump into her belt from any region of the voice, enabling for quick slides or scoops.

Hayley has a head voice that has a clean, thick and full timbre when used [The Only Exception]. It’s accessed easily from the rest of her range, and shows great development and solid control- despite the lack of usage. She is also in command of a piercing whistle register that can be held for extended amounts of time [Link].

As a whole, Hayley is a versatile vocalist that has a wide variety of tones and timbres to play with. This allows her to dip in and out of other genres like dance [Stay The Night], Hip hop [Airplanes] and rock. [New Found Glory], with ease

Vocal Weaknesses: Due to the appearance of vocal nodules, Hayley has been known to deliver inconsistent vocal performances in a live setting.

Thanks to BacktoBlack for updating!



  1. She can hit the whistle register without effort. Check her out on youtube with Brett Manning her vocal coach where she does an A6 I think as a warm up. She also has a very rich and thick voice throughout her range.

  2. @anon, I have that video posted and that A6 noted in her vocal profile already. Thanks for the comment about her voice being "rich and thick" throughout her range though. Will amend! :D

  3. Whistle Register & Middle voice as strength. Chest voice is on the weaker side.

  4. She is soprano, not mezzo, ^^" and I think her voice i amazing 'cause sound so good with the kind of music that paramore plays, apart of this is one of the strongest voices I ever listen to... you know what I mean, for me H. Williams is the second best voice ever, the first is christina aguilera :*

  5. Strength: powerful, powerhouse voice
    Weakness: None that I can see =]

  6. More technical than expressive. Plus or negative you decide.

  7. Strength: Powerful voice throughout her range. Voice can fit to different musical styles.

    Weakness: Some people may find a slight difference in sound between recording and live performances.

  8. Thanks for the input guys! I'll wait for a few more to see if a general consensus is reached before i amend the post!

  9. I think theres enough positives , so I'd be repeating myself, but I personally find her voice quite annoying after a few songs; her phrasing can be off-putting and she tends to verge on shrieky, not "rocker"

  10. Positives: Strong belt
    Negatives: "Bratty" elocution and horse-whiney vibrato (any one feel me on those? haha)

  11. hey these comments are all great! You guys need to leave comments on other profiles since y'all are so good at it! Hats off to you all!

  12. I would be inclined to say she is a Soprano as her lower range is not anywhere near as well controlled or healthy sounding as her higher registers. Plus her vocal weight and tone is not quite as heavy as other Mezzo's. Think she has a great voice nice and strong but also agree with above her voice can be too much sometimes, too much slice in her voice - bleeding ears job lol Stuey

  13. She has a powerful soprano voice that has attack and a crystal clear belting range. She can hit notes in the whistle register without effort & makes it sound very easy. She is one of the best sopranos since Xtina hands down.

    she always runs out of breath when she sings live 

  15. You must be joking. Her lower register is often fu*king strong.  Her E3 live and D3 in studio are so powerful like she's deep contralto (but she isn't) :P

  16. Whistle Register: Yes.
    Vocal Pluses: Has a bright, youthful tone; full of spunk and power for her mid-range. Has good control of her upper notes, which if she couldn't, would sound shrill and piercing. Capable of giving her upper notes a full sound. Good resonance in her upper and mid-range.Vocal Negatives: Her lowest notes sound resonant but weak.  Has a tendency of singing like she's speaking through her chest voice and can't easily connect it to her head voice when the song demands it.

  17. Pluses: extremely developed rolling vibrato, capable of adopting both a punkish powerful tone in belting register and a smoother, elastic quality in standard chest voice. Low notes are well placed and never forced

    Negatives: Vocal nodules caused reduced endurance and produce a slight gap between head and chest voice, causing issues with specific notes. E5 tends to be chesty and F5 is significantly more mixed. This has started to repair itself, though.

  18. Vocal pluses: Has a sharp and instantly recognizable tone to the voice which is well-controlled throughout the mid-chest and belting registers. While the lower range is less powerful, it is still well-controlled and never forced, giving a feeling of everything in the range being easy for her to sing. Often has a 'third lung' effect, where long and difficult lines are seemingly rendered simple, belying an absolutely stunning breath control, as well as a powerful and adept mixed belt.
    Negatives: Has a voice which does not transition between genres well. The trademark tone makes it extremely difficult for it to be anything but pop-punk. Rarely seems to use head voice or whistle register, though that is probably an artistic decision. Voice can sound strained at the top of the chest voice, though this is less so the case nowadays, as she has a voice coach.

  19. Strengths: Powerful vibrato (Evident in Decode),Good range, very strong middle range. Powerful voice overall.
    Weakness: She struggles to sing very loud, and her voice often cracks.

  20. Patrick Castillo199410 February 2012 at 17:53

    a negative sould be that her voice can strain going into the higher 5th ostave, and at some points can sound like she needs rest. positives? strong voice?

  21. I don't know if this counts for anything, really, but she spits her P's a lot when she sings, which tends to annoy me. That whistle register is amazing though!

  22. Just watched a Paramore's 4music favourites programme. And just to say I used to think of Williams as a soprano but now I apologise DD as you were right in your initial analysis, infact I would say she is indeed a low mezzo.

    Vocal plus for her is that she has a strong and well placed/supported voice that can easily cut through that of the often heavy instrumentation of her band. She also has the ability to convey the emotions of a song without being too sentimental or overbearing in her delivery. When belting she always uses a correct technique and mixes perfectly. Her chest register is wide, elastic and robust reaching higher notes without the quality of her voice suffering too much.

    Vocal negative would be that she often can sound hoarse and like the comments below state she can often run out of stamina during live sets. She also very rarely uses her head voice alone, although its not known wether this is down to lack of technical ability or difficulty in accessing said range, however as said above she can mix effectively with said range meaning it could also be an artistic choice.

    Sorry for hounding YET another page DD lol just love paramore!

  23.  The hoarseness is due in part to the fact that hayley suffers from vocal nodules.

  24. Yeh, not really surprising to be fair! Scary too considering she took years of vocal training with Brett Manning! She really should have avoided that fate!

  25. She had the nodules before she took up lessons with Brett actually haha.
    Brett is the reason she still has her voice. But having nodules isn't too bad though, just as long as you are extremely careful. Mariah Carey has nodules and her voice does/did just fine. But then again hayley has also sang twice as much as Mariah has in half the time so maybe she might want to slow down a bit haha. Even with good technique a voice with nodules needs a lot of rest.

  26. Good point, very true! I agree though she probably should take it down a notch! Must be terrifying knowing that if you push it too much you could lose your gift....not good :S

  27.  Hayley had some vocal issues if I remember correctly during the promotion of their album. They had to cancel some performances and shows and she had to take extra care and I read she now watches what she eats and had her vocal coach on tour. And I blame touring extensively for the most part.

  28. Thanks for the information guys! I am a pretty big fan of hers (only recently got into Paramore though) would love to see her live though, think she would rock! But agree with you too Justin, she needs to take care also as Serendipity stated nodules are not a cool situation :/

  29. I have seen Hayley live on several occasions and would strongly recommend seeing her live if you ever have the chance ^^
    She's surprisingly confident in her vocal delivery and stage presence for such a young singer. (she was around the age of 19-22 when I saw her) And she stays strong vocally from the very start 'til the very end.

  30. I would totally LOVE to see her live, need to check out the next time she hits the UK for sure! (will go if it meants phoning in sick for work too hehehe)

  31.  Haha. She also performs long sets so you get your moneys worth, the sets are typically 15-18 songs!

  32. Do you mean A5 instead of A6??

  33. No she can sing in whistle.

  34. Thanks for this stuey! Don't know how I missed this. Will amend the profile!

  35. Thanks for this Ethan, will use this and some others from the comments to add to the non-existent positives and negatives! 

  36. Thanks for this Amy, will use this and some others from the comments to add to the non-existent positives and negatives! You guys are all great! Much appreciated.  

  37. Thanks for this Mkerber, will use this and some others from the comments to add to the non-existent positives and negatives! You guys are all great! Much appreciated.  :D

  38. Sweet! You know me by now, always more than happy to ;)

  39. I think in her early years, during the 1st and 2nd album she was a soprano. I was surprised during the 3rd album, her voice dropped and developed a hoarser tone. Little did I know she was beginning to develop vocal nodules. 

    I feel so guilty, I used to be such a big fan of them 5 years ago until about 2010. -_- She used to be my teenage dream. LMAO

  40. She's a soprano like obviously...I mean mezzo sopranos usually the EXTREME is like E6....and she hits A6 with so much ease

  41. She hits a D3 in "The Rainbow Connection" (she sang almost the entire song in D3-F3 o_o) and a D3 in "Say Anything" :)

  42. She's a dramatic soprano.

  43. Can you believe she has performed almost 700 shows in the span of 2004-2011 that's nearly 100 shows each year (The maximum performed was in 2006 where she performed 139 shows). How she can perform that much with the fact that she has nodules is incredible. That's more than most singers have performed in their entire careers that span decades, and she's done it in 7 years. She should slow it down a bit though, touring that much makes the chances of losing your voice very high, even with a good technique.

  44. I agree, her voice is much too light to be a mezzo,besides mostof her songs have consecutive belts from D5 and up, mezzos cant withstand singing so high soconsecutive, or at least not with much ease or brightness.

  45. I think Hailey is actually a soprano. Because her voice is much too light to be a mezzo, she doesnt seem to posses that"push" effect that mezzos like Christina Agulera or Amy Leeor Whitney have. There is also the fact that most of her songs center between D5's and even Eb5's, shesings these notes very consecutively, although many mezzos would be capable of singing in this tessitura, none would be capable of that brightness she has, and thus resulting in sounding too harsh. I used to think she was a mezzo because of the absence of notes beyond F5 and her lower extension into D3, but then i remembered that Brett Manning (her vocal coach) really helps you develop the low part of your range to near-impossible depths, and mezzos would sound very dark in these notes, but she sounds light, LOW but light. Also, if you compare her high Eb5-F5's to (for example) Charice Pempengco(mezzo) you would find that Hailey doesn't sound as pushed or powerful as Charice, she sounds light like a true soprano. I suppose she just hasnt developed her notes above high F, or maybe she's just afraid of aming too high.

  46. DavidDanielsss6 June 2012 at 01:00

    I agree, i think the same thing, she's probably just a soprano with a developed low extension. I hope whoever manages Diva Devotee changes her profile to soprano. :/ it really makes a lot more sense

  47. She isnt mezzo, i am a mezzo in my choir and i can barely sing her songs, theyre too high. I can only sing her low notes. Remember voice classifications arent just about range, brightness of tone and tessitura are EXTREMELY important. She is a Soprano II. I have a friend who is soprano I and she can sing exactly like Hailey.

  48. I agree . Ive given a few listens to paramore before and hayley sounds much more like a spinto soprano. Her nodules obviously might have lowered a voice a note or two but that doesn't make her mezzo.

  49. Keep in mind Brett trains his students (as Seth Riggs taught Brett) to lighten up the voice and drop the weight as you carry up the scale, it allows the voice to mix easier. Just listen to "Rainbow Connection" or "In The Mourning/Landslide" , just based off those I'd say she's a light mezzo or a low soprano who drops the weight of her voice when belting as she was taught to by Brett Manning. Just listen to the whole Fueled by Ramen 15th Anniversary concert, she sounded very mezzo.
    She has had moments where she sounds quite dark in the lower register like a mezzo all throughout her career, and moments where she sang light as well.

  50. Voice type doesn't determine voice range, hun, as you mentioned. It's about tone and texture of one's voice and were it sounds most comfortably. So just because Paramore's songs are too difficult for you, that doesn't mean she is soprano.
    BTW - no one can sing exactly like some particular person. I think I know what you meant, but this is just a curiosity. Even twins' voices aren't alike - everybody possess a different tone of the voice.

  51. I agree with you - she is a mezzo-soprano and you can clearly hear it on Paramore's album Brand New Eyes, as well, as the concert you've mentioned.

  52. Hmm alot of the people don't know a shit about what they are talking about..
    I mean: Sucks live?
    -Bad lower range:
    -Low stamina?
    -Bad head voice?
    Come on guys! Do some research! This shit makes you look retarded!

    Okey first statement.. "Sucks live"
    Well this is so stupid that I don't bother to care about it...

    - Bad lower range:
    Again false, the profile already explained why so...

    "Low stamina" Well she is a rocker, if you have seen her live, she is ALL over the place, rocking the stage
    You can't both sing like you do on the album, AND be a performer/rocker (Beyonce do both, but let's not drag other artist in here...) AND her songs have alot of belted notes, that steals alot of air, so I would say she is doing a superb job live...
    "Bad head voice"

    Besides, given she is a punk-pop-rocker, I haven't missed long head notes. There are other singers/songs I can hear that from...
    This one stood out :
    she always runs out of breath when she sings live"

    Bad technique... She has been to a very good vocal coach for almost ten years... But you are right, he couldn't possible have learned her a few tips... Weak lower range.. You are so right! I mean The only exeption sound awfull! So weak! -.- ... Good lord have mercy on these people...

  53. I used to think she was a soprano, and she certainly had the tone timbre of one and a pervading lightness throughout her range but recently I feel her voice has deepened somewhat, however that could be deliberate so the possibility or her being soprano is still possible, I guess we will have to wait for new material and make judgements from there

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  55. I have to disagree with "When belting she always uses correct technique and mixes perfectly" .... if you listen to her live videos and especially acoustic ones, her voice always sounds overblown and raspy/tired. This can only be the result of improper belting/closure. You can hear it in her tone and how she strains to access those notes. She cracks a lot at the top of her belt. I'm not saying it's easy to maintain perfect technique during a heavy tour schedule, but saying that she always has a flawless belt, when she clearly doesn't.... just saying :) it's something i've definitely noticed.

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  57. You should also add that she has stunning breath control. She can head-bang without her pitch or volume suffering one bit.

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  59. I don't understand why all of these people are on here throwing around terms that they clearly don't understand. From what I've read it seems like no one on this page understands what breath management really is, and have absolutely no idea of how voice classification works. To say that she is a "spinto soprano" is completely fallacy. It's not possible to fully categorize a non classical voice, because when someone is singing in a non classical way you're not getting the full range, size or color of the voice.

    This is useless forum, with no real credibility.

  60. Dude, it's just a blog about female vocalists. Either you enjoy the reviews and discussions and decide to stick around....or you don't.
    Nowhere does DD claim any ''credibility''. He in fact clearly states to just post his opinions and not to take them too seriously.
    Me, I don't think this forum is ''useless'' at all. I'm having fun, learning stuff and most importanty....discovered some great singers I had not noticed before.

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  65. Her style is so far removed from classical I can only tell she isn't a contralto or dramatic voice. Anything else is up for grabs. She has a great belt, but it isn't impossible for a soprano to have that. She has whistle, but mezzos can have that too. The only thing that makes me lean toward soprano, though, is the brightness and ease of the head voice when she actually uses it. But who cares? She has great technique whatever the style or type.

  66. Still Into You is some of her (and Paramore's) best work, in my opinion. It actually gave me chills listening to it.

  67. I kinda think she may have taken some vocal lessons, or somehow expanded her range, because she sounds higher than I've ever heard on "Still Into You."

  68. She was tutored by Brett Manning from Singing success, seems he taught her how to use the whistle register

  69. i think she hit some c#3's here

  70. Yeah she did! I was just listening to this!

  71. I recently read that Hayley switched vocals coaches because of vocal damage and that her previous teacher (brett manning) had been teaching her wrong. Anyone know of any other bad experiences involving manning??

  72. From what I've seen all of Manning's personal Clients seem to love him. Where did you read that she left him?

  73. Theres a video where she talks about it i think. Also interviews and articles. She doesn't specify brett but it was widely known that he was her coach. Now she works with ron anderson.

  74. Has she had her nodules removed? I'm actually getting into Paramore. I never knew how good they were.


    Hayley's vocal nodules had been completely healed had since she acquired Ron Anderson and she must be using taught to use a different technique rather than singing a song straight to lessen the impact on her vocal cords when singing on tours.

    BTW, she sounds a lot healthier now.


    Hayley's vocal nodules had been completely healed had since she acquired Ron Anderson and she must be using taught to use a different technique rather than singing a song straight to lessen the impact on her vocal cords when singing on tours.

    BTW, she sounds a lot healthier now. Thank God!

  77. Pls God let Mariah be next


    Hayley's vocal nodules had been completely healed since she acquired Ron Anderson and she must be taught to use a different technique rather than singing a song straight aloud to lessen the impact on her vocal cords when singing on tours.

    BTW, she sounds a lot healthier now. Thank God!


    Hayley's vocal nodules had been completely healed since she acquired Ron Anderson and she must be taught to use a different technique rather than singing a song straight aloud to lessen the impact on her vocal cords when singing on tours.

    BTW, she sounds a lot healthier now. Thank God!

  80. How does she make her vibrato like that?

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