Monday 14 September 2015

[OMG] Warrior Queen Mariah Carey Comes To The Rescue in "Game Of War" Commercial

I'd heard the rumours that Mariah Carey was replacing Kate Upton in the new Game of War commercial. I just didn't quite believe it was going to happen. Oh, me of little faith. The resulting advert is out and is a perfectly pitched, tongue-in-cheek extravaganza that riffs off of her hit, Hero.

YAAS to the team who put this together! It wouldn't have worked if they'd simply swapped in the singer for the model- which I was worried was going to happen. Instead, the addition of humour and the shock value of such an  usual casting choice is sure to get people talking. Job done!

Also, Mariah running looked  hilarious. Someone please tell me they spent millions CGI-ing that .


mariah running game of war

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