Thursday 8 October 2015

JoJo Slays Vocally With Acoustic Rendition of "When Love Hurts"

I made no bones about not feeling JoJo's newest release, Tringle. Sheltered under that umbrella title were three singles that had the Diva travelling in the wrong musical direction, IMO.

Single number one, When Love Hurts, was the most troublesome of the three. With its late-to-the-party, EDM flavour, it was at total odds to the (brilliant) Rnb music she'd been releasing independently. Clearly, the record label were sending out feelers to see if this was a more profitable direction for their newest acquisition.

My biggest gripe with the track- because, the reality is, you know I love me some EDM- was how it obscured the Diva's vocal talents. But, as if having heard that criticism, JoJo has uploaded an acoustic version of When Love Hurts to show us all she's still about the voice. And it is soooo much better than the original.

Check out both versions below.


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