Tuesday, 6 October 2015

[Music Video] Dawn Richard - "Billie Jean x Dance"

Dawn Richard continues the grind, and to make the world a more interesting place, with the release of the visuals for Billie Jean x Dance.

This Diva can always be counted on to give me some kind of life with every video she drops. But what makes this event even more succulent is that it comes packaged with a song that is fresh to me. Whereas Billie Jean was featured on her last LP- which I've played into the ground- the video closing Dance is something entirely new. And it is oh.so.GOOD, reminding me weirdly of Adam Lambert's Ghost Town. That is before it goes off the rails into an orgasmic orgy of beats at its conclusion.

Get yo' life, and watch it! And since she's independent, switch off your adblocker while you do. Give this girl some coins, will ya!


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