Wednesday 4 November 2015

Rihanna Tackles "Back To Black" For "The Voice"....Yeah, It Sounds Just How You Thought It Would!!!

Queen Rihanna was on The Voice this week, dishing out advice to Pharrell Williams' hopefuls on how to make their performances slay! But She didn't just impart, verbally- which might have been the better idea. Rih also DEMONSTRATED said suggestions, live and in person.

Check out the Vine (uploaded by The Voice team, no less) of Rihanna helping a child/contestant to tackle Amy Winehouse's Back To Black. Were they being intentionally shady choosing this particular moment to create a never ending loop of, I'd like to think not. But we can all agree that it's not the Diva's finest moment.

On a side note, who was responsible for song choice?! "Kept his d*ck wet" is literally the second line!! Jeez.


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