Wednesday, 4 November 2015

[New Music] Sia - "Bird Set Free"

Sia has released the audio for her new single, Bird Set Free. Y'all ready to soar?

Sounding as unique as ever- particularly in the midrange- Bird Set Free is Sia's moment to tell us why she does what she does: "I sing for love, I sing for me, I shout it out like a bird set free". It's a defiant statement of a track that undeniably shares similarities with 1000 Forms of Fear's Eye Of The Needle.

*Returns to writing this after procrastinating* Okay, I just did something I never do: I researched the song. Apparently this was written for Adele! had more details on the collaboration,
Like “Alive,” Sia’s first track released from her new album This Is Acting, “Bird Set Free” was co-written by the two mononymous singers — one of three total that they came up with — with the intention of having Adele include it on her 25 album. And even though Adele did record the song for her album, it didn’t make it onto the final track list.
Source: MTV

As much as I like the song, Adele made a smart choice by ditching it. It sounds NOTHING like any of her material. For one, it's way too wordy. Now, if a certain other Diva had recorded it, I wouldn't be saying that. But she already has her own, very loud, "screw you haterz, I'm singing for myself" anthem.

Bird Set Free is a Sia song, through and through. However, it's too reminiscent of Eye Of the Needle to be jumping up and down about. Still, not much longer to hear what other treats the Diva has in store for us, as the housing LP, This Is Acting, hits the stores in January.


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