Monday 30 November 2015

[What It Sound Like?] Adele - "Million Years Ago"

Witness the birth of a new feature on the site! Well, maybe. It all depends on how this post goes, and if and when I suffer another one of these annoying moments. Anyway, behold the “What it sound like?” post.

Today's track comes from the career wrecking ball that is Adele’s new LP, 25. Titled Million Years Ago, the song is an evocative slice of retro ruminations where our British belle is remembering simpler times before the fame morphed her world into the horrendous nightmare it is now.

From the first listen, it immediately reminded me of Dusty Springfield's take on Windmills Of Your Mind. With a similar tempo, guitar led verses and a mirrored emotional vocal timbre, the two songs sound like they could be relatives of sorts. Fair enough, right? Crazier than that, though, is parts of Million Years also had me thinking of Grease's Hopelessly Devoted To You. Not the whole thing, mind, just the bridge [at 1.05] and the start of Million Years' chorus.

So is this just a chimera of a track that is more Million Years than anything else. Or could there be a song out there, which I'm subconsciously aware of, that is even more similar to it than the two I've noted.

Any suggestions would be appreciated ! HaLP!


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