Friday 11 December 2015

Mary J Blige Gives Us Festive Feels With "The Christmas Song" @ White Hot Holiday

MJB singing White Hot Holiday

On the Patti Labelle and John Legend post I spoke about not knowing who the "Terrance and Taraji" in the Fox special Terrance and Taraji‘s White Hot Holiday were. Only now has it clicked that the guy introducing the performers is Terrance Howard. Thus, logically, Taraji must be another actor in the show Empire. I'm so old....
Doesn't explain why they have a Christmas special though. But at least the fog of ignorance is thinning as the pieces come (slowly) together. All those hours of watching Murder She Wrote are really paying off.

Ms. Patti wasn't the only Diva to grace the stage, mind. Mary J Blige also came with some festivity, performing The Christmas Song. I was really hoping MJB show us some of her dance moves, but she kept it classy, giving us sentimental and nostalgic feels with a simple vocal.

See, "simple" ain't always an insult.


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