Friday 11 December 2015

[Watch] Patti LaBelle and John Legend perform "O Holy Night" @ White Hot Holiday

Patti LaBelle and John Legend perform "O Holy Night"

No clue who Taraaji and Terrence are, but the pair had a special called White Hot Holiday on Fox. I suspect it's all Empire related, but since I haven't watched the show - yet- I'm in the dark and oblivious. And even if it is related to the show, I'm not sure where this special fits in. What has Empire got to do with Christmas? Lordt knows.

Anyway, during the hour long special Patti Labelle and John Legend teamed up to bring us Yuletide blessings with a traditional(ish) rendition of O Holy Night. Still no fan of John Legend's thick timbre, but no worries, sweet potato pie Patti filled my Christmas stocking to the top with vocals that would put these young'uns to shame!

A standing ovation was par the course. After all, it's only polite to stand when in the presence of royalty. But Patti deserved it. Though not sounding as free in the voice, she brought it regardless.


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