Monday 21 December 2015

[Watch] Christina Aguilera Sings "Beautiful" and Duets With Seth Macfarlane On "New York, New York"

It's Christmas time and Christina Aguilera is out to play, serving up two helpings of live showings in one week!

First up we have her rendition of New York, New York which she sang with  Seth Macfarlane for the laughably titled Live at Sinatra: Voice for a Century.

I was actually pumped for this, having heard great things. However, the two voices and singing styles did not compute. Seth's light, baritone was effectively smooshed by Christina's weighty mezzo. She could have helped this by lightening her tone, but instead she seemed intent on crushing him- as heard at 3.00 where she sat on him with a scratchy C#5.

All in all, this should have been a solo rendition where the Diva was allowed free reign over the song. Having her on stage with someone who has shaded her not only on his show Family Guy [here] but also in person, while introing her [here], it was never going to make for harmonious chemistry.

The Chrissy kiss at the end came as a real surprise (especially to the recipient). Little did he know, it was the kiss of death. Say goodbye to your career, Mr Macfarlane! You been hexed!

The second helping came courtesy of the 17th Annual A Home for the Holidays, where the Diva offered up her empowering anthem, Beautiful.

This time, I'm going to give my thoughts as I listen to it for the first time. Here goes: Starting off really well, the lows and the highs of the intro sound great. Verse starts and her midrange is also sounding gorgeous; with the perfect weight and colouring to it. End of the first chorus, she's still sounding impressively delicious. Second verse had some tasteful ad libs, as did its following chorus. Oh jeez, more kids. This is all getting too much. Sad times. Outtro chorus is here, please don't go overboard now..... wow, elegantly finished!

Real talk, I loved everything about this performance. Pitched, staged, and sang perfectly; this is the Christina Aguilera I adore!


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