Wednesday 20 January 2016

[Music Video] Grimes - "Kill V.Maim"

Grimes' Art Angels was another critically acclaimed LP for the alternative Diva.

Unlike her first album Visions, this one presented to the public an immediately more accessible body of work. With its poppier sounds and more straightforward, cleaner vocals, it functioned nicely as an easier route for the nervous into this Diva's wonderful world.

Though the sound may be more digestible, it hasn't affected the Diva's visual aesthetic. Latest single, Kill V.Maim is a case in point. Let me just say it's not the crazy costumes that open the song that I'm alluding to with that comment. It comes later...

FYI: Those not a fan of blood probably shouldn't watch. You fraidy cats can close your eyes and just listen.


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