Monday 29 February 2016

Is Rihanna's "Kiss It Better" a Rip-Off of Beyonce's "Dance For Me"?

Beyonce vs Rihanna

Rihanna's Anti wasn't an immediate smash for me. Missing the hooks and microwavable pop-production like her other albums, it required a little more dedication before it really took hold. Definitely a risky move from the Diva, since she isn't really known for making music that requires much effort to get into. However, girl done good!

One of the tracks that I latched onto with the first listen, though, was the tumultuous ballad Kiss it Better. The reason: it sounded like one of the lesser known gems in Beyonce's catalouge, Dance For You.

Similar in theme, tempo, melody and production, the pair sounded like variations of the same song to me. Of course The Dream-produced Dance For You was the originator, having been released during Bey's 4 era, but could the sonic similarities merely be a coincidence? I'd like to think team Rih wouldn't knowingly put out a song which could cause further ruckus between the Divas' warring Stan groups, but who knows. Any publicity is good publicity, and all that jazz.

But what y'all think? Coincidence? Copy? Or they don't sound alike at all. Vote and let me know.


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