Thursday 25 February 2016

[Watch] Rihanna Brings SZA and Drake To The 2016 BRIT Awards

Having cancelled her performance at the Grammys last week due to “bronchitis”, I was half expecting a similar fate to befall Rihanna's appearance at yesterday's 2016 BRIT Awards. But nope, she turned up and turned it an extent.

Not only did she show up, but she brought friends! Opening with Consideration the Diva's first mate was SZA who sulked about in the background with some struggle vocals while Rih worked her lethargic choreography.

Transitioning to her fourteenth Billboard number one Work- she's coming for you Mariah- it was no surprise to those who know the song that Drake was going to bring his thirsty ass on to the stage. Entering to applause - which tellingly alluded the SZA- the energy picked up somewhat.

And herein lies the problem: Rihanna, though working constant choreography, was kind of flat energy wise. The voice sounded ok, but the backing was that heavy that she may as well have lipped it entirely.

All in all: Meh.


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