Thursday 25 February 2016

[Watch] Adele Brings Strained Rendition of "When We Were Young" to 2016 BRIT Awards

Adele didn't have the best of time at the Grammys- read: out of tune. However, back on home soil, and (arguably) on the award show that catapulted her to super stardom, the Diva appeared more relaxed.

Singing single number two, When we were Young, it couldn't have just been me who was waiting for the Eb5 at the end. And when it finally came, it was sorta painful to watch. Unlike her take at the Live at The Church Studios recording, the note was constricted, forced and unstable. Perhaps the Diva should consider lowering the song's key when she goes on the road next month. After all, we don't want a repeat of the surgery-requiring, vocal damage she suffered when touring with 21.

On a more positive note, she picked up four awards!


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