Thursday 28 April 2016

Despite Accusations Of Lipping, Beyonce Hits a Great F5 On First Date Of "Formation" World Tour

The juggernaut that is the Formation tour has officially taken flight as of yesterday! Your Queen is on her way to a makeshift hive near you, are y'all ready!?

Starting in Miami, the tour has kept the buzz around Beyonce- initially created by the critically acclaimed Lemonade release this week- humming nicely.  Props to whoever coordinated the roll out of this project! It's practically perfect in every way.

So what are fans saying about the tour? Well, if the unwashed masses of YouTube are speaking the truth- most likely they iz not- there sure is a lot of lipping going on! I don't know, nor do I care right now to investigate further.

What I care about is the #Flawlessly hit F5 in Me Myself And I- @2.55. The weird, all over the place melody before and after ain't even bothering me. That there was worth the price of admission alone!


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