Friday 8 April 2016

[Watch] Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and LaToya London Join Forces For American Idol Performance

American Idol has finally bowed out, finding its last winner in some dude- I haven't been watching, didn't cha know. Peppered throughout this final season, prior contestants have reappeared to pay tribute to the show that launched their respective careers.

Two of its biggest success stories, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia, were part of the mix last night.

However they weren't exactly done right. If being paired together wasn't bad enough, the producers also threw in another season 3 contestant. Imagine that, three sAngers, two songs- Bridge Over Troubled Water and Remember The Music- and less than three minutes to do it in. Where's the justice!

Yes, yes, this was about the show, and these ladies were probably fine with it- having more damn respect for it than I do. But boy oh boy did that harmonious intro leave me jonesing for more!


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