Friday 8 April 2016

Jennifer Lopez Sings the awful "I Ain't Your Mama" and the sublime "Let's Get Loud" @ AMERICAN IDOL

A live showing of a song usually helps me make a better connection with it.

But this didn't happen with JLo's American Idol rendition of new single I Ain't Your Mama. Still sounding flat, dull and insipid- strangely even more so live- watching this actually shifted me from being unbothered by the song, to actively disliking it. The awful production was partially to blame, with the dancers waking me up to how awful the lyrics truly are with their Mr Mime choreography.

Thankfully the second half- which featured the still fresh sounding Let's Get Loud- pulled it back from the brink, reminding us all what the Diva can do when she's on form. They should have cut the first half entirely and handed it over to the criminally short set from Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and LaToya London. That would have been win-win for everyone!


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