Saturday 9 April 2016

What Are You "Currently Listening Intently To"

It's been a while, but it's back! Time to tell the world about your #CLIT.

Rihanna's Anti is currently in heavy rotation at mine. A solid and risky album from the Diva, it finally has her back growing as an artist. The closing ballad Close To You, is a beaut of a song with Rih flexing the chameleon-like nature of her voice. Tempered is the nasal tone of Work, and in its place is soft and emotive sound that is no less attributable for it.

And blast from the past: Anita  Baker is currently getting some love from me, with her greatest hits being rinsed. So many great love stories, but No One in the World is my current pick, with this live version being so DAMN CUTE!

How 'bout y'all? What you been listening to?

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