Monday 27 June 2016

[Watch] Beyonce Opens BET Awards 2016 with "Freedom"

People (the Hive) swore Beyonce would never perform again on the BET stage again after the station made disparaging remarks about her child's hair. But with album Lemonade touching on the experiences of black America, what better place would there be to showcase the material than the Black Entertainment Television Awards 2016. So it's little surprise that's just what she did.

Hyping the audience to the heavens, the Diva gained top billing, opening the show with the politically charged Freedom. With flames, water and Kendrick Lamar in tow, Beyonce showed again why she is considered one of the greatest entertainers alive. The Martin Luther King, Jr  intro alone had me coming out with goosebumps, and that was before we'd even seen the Diva.

Check it out.

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