Monday 27 June 2016

JoJo Covers Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby"

JoJo is much revered for her voice. In fact, it's often claimed she's slept on, as even though her voice is A* she doesn't get much attention from the mainstream. I'd argue that that's the fault of her material, but that's a different post.

Well, being a vocalist, how do you think she'd fare covering a legendary singer like Mariah Carey? Would her material be too much for even someone as talented as JoJo? Well, wait no longer and find out by watching her take on Mimi's Always Be My Baby.

Interestingly- for me- she manages to carry weight and texture into the higher belts of the song. Something which contrasts to Mimi's original, where she's known to shed the weight as her mix takes on a headier tone. I also wonder if the little play around on the low notes was because JoJo's lower range tapped out. Still, it was a great showing from the singer, who is clearly still out keeping her name alive in the public's mind.

Watch and see if you agree.


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