Monday, 27 June 2016

Alicia Keys Don't Need NO ONE, performs all Instrumentation for "In Common" @ BET Awards 2016

Alicia Keys is clearly over the polished styling of the Girl On Fire era. Taking to the BET Awards to perform latest single In Common, the Diva impressively handled the entire production herself. How's that for stripping things back!

Encased by various gadgets and gizmos, Alicia cleverly tweaked, pushed and strummed the surrounding instruments to create the track's backing. It was a novel experience that kept the audience's (and my) interest right till the final note. But, maybe more importantly than that, it served a second purpose. In choosing to forgo the conventional, she set herself apart from all others who performed at the award show. And that was something she needed to do, given that Beyonce and the Prince tributes would be guaranteed to grab those column inches.

Much respect, Alicia.



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