Thursday 11 August 2016

Christina Aguilera Returns With Sia-Penned "Telepathy"

Disco is my genre, so when I read Christina Aguilera's new track Telepathy dabbled in the '70s sound, I was so ready for it.

Penned by Sia and produced by Stargate, the track immediately brought to mind Daft Punk's Get Lucky, with a similar guitar loop and tempo. Not a great start. However, Christina's vocal styling saved it from becoming too derivative, with falsetto notes, runs and edgy belts out in force. They're just not executed to the usual standard you'd hear on a Christina Aguilera studio cut- sounding somewhat sloppy. (Admittedly that could be the fault of the mix.)

Honestly, it's a cute song, and since it's for a Netflix/Baz Luhrmann thing, and not her next project, I can get into it. But, Christina, hun, we need a stronger production, more focused vocal and definitely more passion in that delivery for your next LP.


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