Friday 5 August 2016

Leona Lewis Soars On Broadway With Cats' "Memory"

It seems to be the case that when a singer's career is derailed, they head over to the West End/Broadway to get a role in a musical. Realistically this wouldn't be an option for someone like, say, Katy Perry, but X-Factor winner Leona Lewis, is a different calibre of singer.

Truthfully, Leona taking a role in Cats might be the best thing for her right now. Her voice hasn't been in the greatest of shape the last few years, with dodgy live showings becoming the norm. So perhaps a job where she is required to consistently train and maintain it could be the ticket to not only bringing her voice back up to previous levels, but even actually improving it.

Her rendition of Memory streamed on GMA does seem to suggest she's already back on her way to greatness, with nice head notes, great use of dynamics and clear support being offered to her instrument.

Check it out.


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