Monday 29 August 2016

Rihanna Outshines All With Iconoic Back Catalogue @ 2016 VMAs

Boy oh boy was I losing faith in the 2016 VMA performances. Beyonce was boring, Ariana Grande was vocally a mess and Britney Spears was amateur hour at the Apollo. But then came the Goddess Rihanna who brought not only a plethora of her hits, over multiple performances, but energy, fun and that infectious IDGAF attitude.

While everyone else on the night looked to be trying too hard to prove something or another with their offerings, Rih went out onto the stage and just performed. Vocally she wasn't flawless, but she convincingly sold each song with confidence and the requisite attitude. Not an easy feat considering how each time she got on stage she covered a different genre and style.

Praise Rihsus. You were the one I was least bothered about watching, but you sure showed me.You were the winner of the 2016 VMAs as far as I'm concerned.


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