Monday 29 August 2016

[Shock!] Beyonce Bores With Lemonade Medley @ 2016 VMAs

Beyonce was the Queen of the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, winning, like, all the Moon Men and becoming the show's most awarded star, like, eva.

But she didn't just come to take yesterday, she also gave, spoiling MTV with a medley of songs from her latest smash, Lemonade. Less a string of songs following one another and more a production, the set contained interludes that tied it all together, adding drama and faux-depth. Still, I found it kinda boring, and drawn-out, with Beyonce serving me lethargy and too much booty (who would have thought that was possible).

Usually I get an extension on my life when imbibing this Diva's royal jelly, but this here wasn't for me. Even the epic Formation didn't save it.


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