Thursday 22 September 2016

[New Music] JoJo - "FAB"

JoJo's new album is coming October 14th. Titled Mad Love, it's the Diva's first release over at Atlantic Record- not to mention her first legit record in a decade!

To keep anticipation for the set at a high, the Diva has released another of its cuts. In a similar antagonistic frame of mind to lead single F**k Apologies, FAB has JoJo now coming for those "fake ass B**ches" in her life. Sadly, though the lyrics are entertaining and kinda clever, this is another strikeout.

It could be that FAB is calculatedly aimed at core fans, as it channels the middle finger attitude of her breakout hit, Leave (Get out). But since I never cared for that song- or those released from Mad Love thus far- I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that this new LP probably isn't going to be for me. Bad times.

Never mind. I'll always have those few glorious EPs [LoveJo/ AGÁPĒ] she put out. They slay some people's entire back catalouge.


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