Sunday 23 October 2016

Nicole Scherzinger Opens X-Factor With Diva Mash-up

Nicole Scherzinger has something that no other female X-Factor judge has had: an actual singing voice. And boooooy did she show it off during the opening of yesterday's "Divas week" show.

Recognising her voice, folks claim Scherzy's muted success post PCD is due to her lack of solo stage presence. This mash-up of I'm Every Woman and Respect contradicts that assertion. Charisma, nerve and talent were all out in force while she belted out the Whitney/Chakka and Aretha medley. The vocals were slightly dry in tone, but the effortless quality to which she tackled two tough songs is proof that this woman has every right to be judging a singing contest.

Many of her judge's critiques were also spot on.Whereas others were trotting out staples like "you made it your own", "you've got the likeability factor", Nicole was giving out constructive and smart advice. Was genuinely refreshing to hear someone give credible notes, regardless of how the audience might react.

Definitely gave the X-Factor some needed credibility.


Edited to add vid for Non-UK residents:

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