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Sunday 23 October 2016

Nicole Scherzinger Opens X-Factor With Diva Mash-up

Nicole Scherzinger has something that no other female X-Factor judge has had: an actual singing voice. And boooooy did she show it off during the opening of yesterday's "Divas week" show.

Recognising her voice, folks claim Scherzy's muted success post PCD is due to her lack of solo stage presence. This mash-up of I'm Every Woman and Respect contradicts that assertion. Charisma, nerve and talent were all out in force while she belted out the Whitney/Chakka and Aretha medley. The vocals were slightly dry in tone, but the effortless quality to which she tackled two tough songs is proof that this woman has every right to be judging a singing contest.

[Review] "Divas" Week Comes To X-Factor

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Wednesday 14 October 2015

[Duelling Divas] "Memory" From "Cats"

I've been around a fair few years. And I've known that there's a musical dedicated to my most favouritest of creatures for most of that time. Yet, I still have not taken my toosh to see the musical, Cats.

It could have something to do with me hating people and not wanting to be sat next to a stranger for an extended period of time. But that doesn't explain why I've never watched it online or when it's been on television...hmmm. None of this is your concern, so I'll save the rest of this self-exploitory descent into madness for my angst-ridden diary.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Nicole Scherzinger Returns With "Your Love"

If there was ever any doubt that a great set of pipes is never a guarantee of chart success, look no further than Nicole Scherzinger.

With a voice that could destroy many a Diva, the Ex-Pussycat Doll hasn't quite managed to recapture the glory days she shared with her fellow Dolls. Some would say that's the fault of the material she's been singing over- something I'd disagree with, actually enjoying a lot of her solo stuff!

Tuesday 12 March 2013

[Live] Nicole Scherzinger Performs "Boomerang" At Let's Dance for Comic Relief, Daybreak And The Jonathan Ross Show

There are times when a live performance of a song can cause you to change your opinion on it a full 180°. I'll be the first to admit that Beyonce's Run The World sounded like noise until I saw this live showing of it at the American Music Awards. Unfortunately this hasn't happened for Nicole Scherzinger and her new single Boomerang, which the Ex-Pussycat Doll has been promoting all over British television in the hopes it'll chart high this weekend.

I like Nicole. Not only does she have a strong voice and is an able performer, but she seems a sweet and amiable individual- if her stint on X-Factor is to be believed. Liking her so, I really wanted to be able to root for this track, but Boomerang was dead on arrival and nothing she seems to do- short of remixing it, perhaps- is going to give it any life. Shame really.

Nicole Scherzinger has so much potential, but thus far in her solo career it's been wasted on mostly mediocre material. Let's hope the next single will buck this trend and blow us all away.

Sunday 27 January 2013

[Single Review] Nicole Scherzinger: "Boomerang"

What is it with Nicole Scherzinger? This is one Diva who can dance, can sing and has an eye for the "X-Factor". So how is it that she never seems to quite hit the mark with her own material! New single Boomerang is no different.

Produced by Will.I.Am, Boomerang is unfortunately a rather dull and flat experience. I would have loved to have heard Nicole's tones over his typical, more jagged production, but for some reason Mr I.Am decided to play Russian roulette with Nicole's comeback and dish out this undercooked record when Scherzy came knocking. I only hope she didn't pay full whack for the pleasure.

Friday 22 June 2012

Duelling Divas: " I Will Always Love You"

This is what happens when us normal, regular folk try to tackle the Whitney Houston version of I Will Always Love You:

Though the critically acclaimed song was written and released by Dolly Parton in 1973, it wasn't until Whitney Houston covered the song two decades later that it really took on the iconic status it now enjoys. In fact Houston's rendition was such a worldwide phenomenon, and so different from the original, that many didn't realise it was a cover or a Country song.

Monday 20 February 2012

Stars Pay Musical Tribute To Whitney Houston

With a Legacy as great as Whitney Houston's, it's no surprise that singers are continuing to pay tribute, many during their own shows, to the vocal genius since her untimely death. I'm sure this will be a list that grows as time progresses, but here are those I've found so far.

Please let me know of any others missed.

Monday 31 October 2011

Diva Devotee Halloween Playlist:

It's that time of year again when the freaks come out demanding chocolate and pennies, the boundary between spirit world and the real world is at its weakest and Lady Gaga fans put on regular clothes so as to not feel accepted by society. Yes, its HALLOWEEN! So while everyone else out there is having a spooky day getting dressed up and ready to party I'm sitting at my computer compiling  a play list of Diva songs- let me just tell you it isn't an easy feat- that I think would go down quite well at any Halloween party! 

If you have any of your own suggestions please feel free to comment at the bottom!

Sunday 29 May 2011

Nicole Scherzingers' covers Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" with mixed results.

The newly appointed X-Factor (USA) co-host Nicole Scherzinger decided to show all just why she deserves to be upgraded to a coveted place on the judging panel- if reports that Cheryl Cole has been given the boot are to be believed- by giving a solid performance of Adele's Billboard number 1 hit Rolling in the deep.

Nicole's vocals are solid throughout but take a dip in quality when attempting the higher belts of the chorus. Though the singer does manage to hit the notes, unfortunately there's a tradeoff in the decline of the vocal quality and her voice becomes harsh, pushed and unpleasantly overbearing.

However, that's a minor quibble, and overall Nicole managed to give a great performance of an exceptional song!

Thursday 10 February 2011

Review: Nicole Scherzinger "Don't Hold Your Breath "

Dont hold your breath
Nicole Scherzinger in the video for Dont hold your breath.

 Nicole Dont hold your breath
Nicole Scherzinger is back with new single Don't Hold Your Breath and ironically its quite an apt title for anyone expecting amazing things from it.

The song is essentially an underwhelming, mid-tempo, electro-pop fluff of a track that lyrically deals with Nicole telling an ex-partner not to hold their breath about her reconciling the relationship.

Monday 6 December 2010

Nicole Scherzinger - Poison Official video

Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
I initially really disliked Nicole Scherzinger's new song Posion due to it  sounding like a weak, mess of noise to me. But today, for no reason, I succumbed to a craving for the song and since then, like some kind of fungus, its taken root in my mind and now I actually quite like it.

Maybe I've finally succumbed to Nicole's poision (shock!)! oh and props to her for keeping fully clothed  in the superhero inspired video.

WIki desciption:
"Poison" is an up-tempo synthpop and dance-pop song produced by RedOne. The "guitar-driven" number uses a "pulsating" and "toxic" beat throughout, which is similar to that used in the Britney Spears's song "Toxic". The lyrics were also compared to "Toxic" and said to have similar themes, according to BBC Music blogger, Fraser McAlpine.

Nicole Scherzingers' first attempt at solo success

Nicole Scherzinger:  whatever u like
video still

Nicole Scherzinger, is currently having a stab at solo success with the release of her new single "Poison" (see her performance of the song here on the X-Factor). However, What many people don't know is that this isn't her first attempt at launching a solo career post the Pussy Cat Dolls. 

That came in 2007 when Nicole released the grimy, sexually suggestive, single Whatever U like featuring T.I. Despite it being very of of the moment at the time song- think of it as a mash up of Beyonce's Ring the Alarm and Kelis' Bossy-  it didn't connect with the listeners and quickly tanked.  Surmising the public didn't like "sexy" Nicole, record execs scrambled to save the project by toning down Nicole sauciness and releasing the non-threatening, and terrible,follow up, Baby love. Unfortunately for Nicole this single also flopped and as a result of the combined failure the album "Her name is Nicole" was shelved and never released.

Here's hopping its second time luck for Nicole Scherzinger and her solo career.

Monday 29 November 2010

[Vocal Profile] Nicole Scherzinger

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Whistle Register:Yes
Vocal Range: D3-G#6 (3 Octaves 2 Note and a semi tone)
Vocal Pluses: A trained singer, this Diva is comfortable singing in a variety of styles [Jazz: Feeling Good/ Theater: Phantom Of The Opera / Classical: Io Ti Penso Amore ] Along with control and power, Nicole is able to sing complex melisma throughout her range, expertly alter the dynamics of her voice mid-phrase and, thanks to excellent breath control, hold notes effortlessly [all demoed  here].

This Diva's mid-range is versatile and can be manipulated to add character and emotional colouring to a vocal. For instance: Nicole gives her delivery attitude and aggression and an icy, slightly gritty tone in Poison; while softening, aerating and warming her tone in Happily Never After. Whatever choices she takes with her mid-range, the character of Nicole's voice is retained making a song easily attributable.

Present is a flexible and elastic belt that is expertly controlled. The lower half is dark and rich [Right Now] with a suitable volume to it. As it climbs the fifth octave the voice takes on a nasal placement causing it to thin and and take on a metallic timbre. It's due to this shift that Nicole is able to impressively hit, and hold, upper fifth octave notes (even with with a measured vibrato) [Club Banger Nation]. It should be noted that Nicole can add a rock edge to her belts by "pulling up" her chest voice [Run Live].

Nicole's head voice has a dual aspect to it. In a contemporary setting the Diva is able to produce a soft and sweet head-voice that can be harmonized and remains unobtrusive to a song's backing [Heartbeat]. However, it can be made to sound impressively resonant with a theatrical quality to it. In this styling her tone is full, warm and measured, and the Diva is able to add a controlled vibrato, play with volume and crescendo beautifully [Io Ti Penso Amore ].

Vocal Negatives: Belted notes can sometimes sound harsh and more akin to shouting due to improper placement of the voice, especially when it forgoes vibrato.

Watch Nicole Scherzingers' X-factor performance of Poison 2010

nicole scherzinger poison
 Nicole Scherzinger Poison cover

Nicole Scherzingers' X-factor dress Poison
Nicole Scherzinger on the
X-factor 2010

Tonight it was Nicole Scherzingers' turn to ride the X-Factor publicity train to the top 10 of the UK singles chart, performing her latest single "Poison"on the results show. Nicole admirably managed to make a weak song seem a lot better than it is with an awesome routine, tons of dancers and lots of cool lighting.

But I just don't understand how someone who has had some amazingly catchy songs previously, with the Pussy  Cat Dolls, can't seem to spot a hit from a miss without them.I know she wasn't the mastermind behind the operation, but you'd think some of the magic woulda rubbed off on her!