Wednesday 14 December 2016

Amber Riley Takes "And I Am Telling You" To Royal Variety 2016

Dreamgirls' And I am Telling You is a guaranteed throat masher. Stamina, range and mastery over timbre is requisite in doing the anthem justice and communicating the passion and wilfulness of the lyric. Both the Jennifers (Holliday and Hudson) understood this, and it's why their versions have become synonymous with the song.

Now hearing Amber Riley was currently staring in the musical, and taking her rendition to the Royal Variety show, I was interested to see how she'd fare. The two things I was most concerned about were how she'd inject texture into her voice and how her youthful timbre would fit what is usually a dramatic and weighty part. Turns out these were valid concerns, because they were both issues the Diva suffered with on the night. The one that irked me most, though, was Amber trying to add grit. It resulted in some harsh moments.

But I'm being picky. And I am Telling You is a bugger of a song and most wouldn't have made it halfway without their voice giving way.


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