Tuesday, 6 June 2017

[WATCH] - One Love Manchester

Post by: Montrez Rambo

As a result of the terrorist attach in Manchester, England, a benefit concert was organized to raise money for the families affected.
I won't comment on the performances themselves apart from that I enjoyed them and it really brought joy to me to see people coming together to show that tragedy can't break them, that they're bigger than the events that transpired.

I do want to talk about Ariana, though. I think it is fair to say she handled the tragedy extremely well. I was a bit worried abut how she'd be dealing with it all and how she was taking care of herself during the aftermath after reading reports that she was very, upset. I just couldn't imagine being in her shoes, with so many young people just there to enjoy a concert to have their lives taken from them. She probably felt responsible for their deaths. However, she's been very supportive of the families affected and staying positive.

After all, a concert is a place where people go to get away from the world, to enjoy their favorite artists in an environment where they can be fully immersed, in many ways, a sanctum. The One Love Manchester concert was that and more for many. The link is below.

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