Saturday 17 November 2018

Mariah Carey Snaps On Fallon With "The Distance"

Post by: Diva Devotee
Caution is here, Betches! Go stream, buy and tell your home gurl!

Promoting the masterpiece on The Tonight Show, Mariah Carey took latest single The Distance (and its feature Ty Dolla $ign) out for a live showing. And boy, what a showing it was.

It's been a long while since I've actually done the finger snaps to a Mariah performance, however this left me so unexpectedly shook that the reaction was totally out of my control. First (like literally, first) thoughts were that the midrange was slightly tired- and this is such a bitch-move nitpick, so screw me- but the voice just kept giving. Tonally it was consistent throughout, and the belts were so similar to the recording it was only the little ad-libs and volume fluctuations from the mic placement that made the liveness apparent. I think the audience clocked it too, because those fools were cheering right along with my simple self.

The vocals were incredibly on point but so too was Mariah's confidence. This was most apparent when Ty came on to the stage and she harmonically gifted his mumbling the wings to fly. It was the musical equivalent of a "you shall go to the ball" moment. An utter contrast, to say, Kimmel and Vision of Love where she was visibly shaking.

But seriously, this new confidence points to her team finally being right. Regardless of sales- because I doubt Caution is going to do big numbers- they've managed to do something more important this era: they've lifted her legacy from the gutter that she-who-must-not-be-named dragged it into. Even those publications that once looked down their nose at Carey seem to finally be writing with a respect long overdue.

Don't be surprised if Pitchfork suddenly love her. But they can F*** right off. She'll always be our baby.


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