Sunday 1 December 2019

[Vocal Profile] Cynthia Erivo

Post by: Montrez Rambo

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves, 1 semitone C#3-D6
Whistle Register: Unknown
Tessitura: F4-F5
Vocal Pluses: Bright, feminine and coppery voice with a full and dark lower register, identifiable and weighty middle, and a booming and broad upper register.

The voice has weight and color down to D3 and can be made round and projected beginning at E3. Ultimately, the voice has ease in all areas of the lower register.

The middle voice is relatively, bright with a youthful soprano-like color (The Color Purple). However the brighter color can be forgone and a warmer, darker, richer sound can be made (I did Something Bad). The middle register gets robust very early as well, starting at D#4 and mid-belts begin at F4. The voice, despite the bright an soprano-like color carries a considerable amount of weight and volume all the way up her middle register.

The upper register belts are very weighty and dark in color, with a stringy color. She approaches this area often with a tall vowel, high soft palate and forward placement which gives her the ability to navigate her passagio. Above F#5, the voice leans far more into a headier mix and retains tonality up to G5. The voice thins slightly as we get to G#5 and above, her mix extending all the way up to Bb5.

The head voice retains the overall bright color of the voice but begins to lose ease above B5. The HV can carry weight but normally a lighter approach is taken.

Vocal Negatives:
The lower register, though well accessed, may lack power to some. Her upper belts around her passagio can be improperly places, resulting in thin, pushed and distorted sound between F5-F#5. Her modal mix between F5-F#5 is too chest dominant.

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