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Thursday 18 September 2014

[Music Video] Anastacia - "Staring At The Sun"

The video for Anastacia's dramatic new single, Staring At The Sun, has debuted on Vevo.

Sounding like a mash-up of the pop and theater world, Staring At The Sun has Anastacia delivering drama and break-ups. It's a catchy song, all right, but I wish the production had been a smidgeon darker- to really match the Diva's delivery. Still, it is great to hear the American's unique pipes over new material.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

[News] Anastacia Battling Cancer Again

Sad news from camp Anastacia. The singer has received the terrible news that she is once again battling breast cancer-having already fought the disease a decade ago. As a result of the diagnosis the singer has understandably cancelled all upcoming shows, but promises to keep writing and recording as she receives treatment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Anastacia during this trying time; you've already beaten it once, you can do so again!

Thursday 22 December 2011

Anastacia Vocal Range /Profile


Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 7 notes and a semitone (Bb2-A5)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: Heavy, dark and well connected range. Comfortable in both the bottom and top of her range. Can utilise a contemporary pop vibrato but is also able to adapt it to a jazzier styling . The chest voice is resonate and punchy with a rasp to it and can extend high up into the fifth octave with apparent ease, while retaining its edgy character. The head voice can be soft and have a controlled and operatic tone-see the intro for Left Outside Alone- or can be, like the chest voice, more direct, sharp and solid.
Vocal Negatives: The sharpness of the chest voice can sometimes be overbearing.