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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Christina Aguilera and Cher: Burlesque soundtrack review

 burlesque christina Aguilera review
Christina Aguilera's CD art :Burlesque
I’m a little in love with Christina Aguilera at the moment. Not only has Bionic had resurgence in my affection, but Christina's- it’s actually a soundtrack which also features Cher- new release, Burlesque is pretty darn good. If you initially fell in love with Christina because of the Back to Basics album, you’ll fall in love with her all over again when you hear this.

burlesque Christina aguilera
Christina and her Burlesque troupe.
Song run down

The Etta James song Something's Got a Hold On Mefits Christina voice perfectly as its a style of music that actually utilises and benefits from her grunts and growls, as well as its rough texture. Having all the tools already in her arsenal its not surprising she gives a convincing delivery that effortlessly channels Etta James' sass, passion and fire.

On the flip side the Mae West song Guy what takes his time, as well as But I Am a Good Girl, have Christina toning it all down. Instead, relying on her charm and a softer, sweeter voice to communicate the song. The result is two saucy and teasing tracks that scream Burlesque.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Watch Christina Aguilera's X-Factor Finale Performances (2010)

christina Burlesque
Christina Aguilera performing Burlesque on the X-Factor
Despite Christina Aguilera giving a performance of Express that made us reminisce about Britney Spear's car crash performance of Gimme more at the MTV awards, her appearance on the X-Factor seems to have done the album no end of good. Sales have reportedly increased by 400% since the weekend!

Watch her X-factor performances below.

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Christina Aguilera on Connan and The 2010 American Music Awards

christina Aguilera fat 2010
In spite of gaining a little weight-  by Hollywood standards-and looking a little tired, Christina Aguilera is still out there promoting the release of her upcoming film Burlesque.

Firstly at the 2010 American Music Awards where she performed Express and more recently on Late Night With Conan O’Brien where she sang the jazzy, Something got a hold on me.Both Performances were a little sloppy and lacklustre, with her voice sounding darker and heavier than usual.However, there's no denying she still has amazing pipes.

Thursday 18 November 2010

Watch Christina Aguilera perform "Bound To You" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Christina Aguilera performed another song from the Burlesque soundtrack, Bound to You, on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

The beginning, with its lower tessitura, sounded comfortable and in keeping with the recorded version of the beautiful ballad.  However, as the song hit its middle-eight and the higher belted notes began, it started to sound pretty shaky, with some of the top notes sounding out of tune and strained.

Overall it wasn't the most pleasant vocal to listen to. Hopefully it's not a reflection of the stress of the breakup and poor album sales affecting her.

Friday 5 November 2010

Christina Aguilera can sing without shouting!! Shock! Who'd have thunk it? Watch her new song

Christina Aguilera has jettisoned  her last album Bionic, after the lukewarm reception, and is instead concentrating on her new film Burlesque. Below is a new song from the film called "I Am a Good Girl" and shows Ms Aguilera's demonstrating a softer vocal styling.  I am enjoying the break from the usual high belts and indulgent melisma. Enjoy