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Wednesday 4 March 2015

[Music Video] Marina And The Diamonds - "Forget"

Look who has a new music video : Marina And The Diamonds!

Though her third LP FROOT only has the title track listed as an official single on its Wiki page, Forget marks the fifth video to be created from the as yet unreleased album. Melodically, parts of it remind me of another ditty by the Diva, but for the life of me I can't put my finger on which one that  is!

But whatever, it's not important. You guys just check out the stripped back visuals to Forget.

Saturday 11 October 2014

[Review] Marina And The Diamonds - "Froot"

Marina and the Diamonds is gearing up for her return to music, and the follow-up to 2012's Electra Heart, with new single Froot.

Thursday 2 May 2013

[Free Music] Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX - "Just Deserts"

Do you like Marina and The Diamonds? Do you like Charli XCX ? Well, if you answered yes to both those questions, then today really is a great day for you (maybe even the greatest day of your life), as the pair have combined their powers to create new song, Just Deserts!

It's also a good day for those of you who answered yes to either one of those questions, because this is a dark and sassy little team-up from the alt-pop Divas. It'll be especially resonate for those of you who've just gone through a not so acrimonious breakup. Oh, and if that does apply to you, then let me be the first to say: Screw him/her/it! You're awesome and can do better! Let's hug.

And finally, if you don't particularly like either, get over it, because it's being offered as a free download! WHOOPIE! So force yourself to get into it, and download it for FREE, here!


Tuesday 23 October 2012

[Vocal Profile] Marina Diamandis (AKA Marina and the Diamonds )

Marina  Diamandis

Vocal Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 3 Notes (A2-D6)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: The voice is brilliantly connected, meaning it's possible for Marina  Diamandis to switch effortlessly, and quickly, between parts of the voice. She also has excellent control so she is a singer that can recreate her studio renditions perfectly in a live setting.

Heavy, weighty, dark midrange that has an almost androgynous quality to it [Are You Satisfied]. It's a styling that the voice isn't limited to, meaning it is possible for Marina to lighten the sound considerably; lending to exceptionally unique harmonies being created by layering the two timbres [intro of Hermit The Frog].

The belting voice, much like the midrange, is full of attitude and individuality. It's more than often used in the lower extremes (the fourth octave) and carries through the weight and rounded quality of the bottom half of the range. As the voice hits the fifth octave Marina creates a tone that is very much head-voice dominant. This creates a sweeter, warmer sound, and one which is lighter by comparison. It's also possible for her to pull these characteristics down into the top half of the fourth octave. [Intro, Primadonna]. 

The head voice possesses the duality of the midrange so Marina can either produce a tone and timbre that is thick and controlled, or one that is akin to a falsetto, being breathy warm and light.

Vocal Negatives:Though her individual style is a plus in this world of copycat singers, it would be nice to hear Marina embellish that style occasionally with some more "Diva-ish" vocal skills- such as melisma, belted and sustained notes. We like our Divas to show off once in a while.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Guest Review: Marina and the Diamonds "Electra Heart"

It must be difficult for any artist to release their sophomore album knowing that it could make or break the career that they have so viciously fought for, but I think that Marina Lambrini Diamandis, or as she's better known Marina and the Diamonds, has succeeded where others have failed with second album, Electra Heart. Not only does she deliver the goods, but she brings them with personality, conviction and a genuine sense of tongue-in-cheek fun.