Tuesday, 23 October 2012

[Vocal Profile] Marina Diamandis (AKA Marina and the Diamonds )

Marina  Diamandis

Vocal Type: Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 3 Notes (A2-D6)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: The voice is brilliantly connected, meaning it's possible for Marina  Diamandis to switch effortlessly, and quickly, between parts of the voice. She also has excellent control so she is a singer that can recreate her studio renditions perfectly in a live setting.

Heavy, weighty, dark midrange that has an almost androgynous quality to it [Are You Satisfied]. It's a styling that the voice isn't limited to, meaning it is possible for Marina to lighten the sound considerably; lending to exceptionally unique harmonies being created by layering the two timbres [intro of Hermit The Frog].

The belting voice, much like the midrange, is full of attitude and individuality. It's more than often used in the lower extremes (the fourth octave) and carries through the weight and rounded quality of the bottom half of the range. As the voice hits the fifth octave Marina creates a tone that is very much head-voice dominant. This creates a sweeter, warmer sound, and one which is lighter by comparison. It's also possible for her to pull these characteristics down into the top half of the fourth octave. [Intro, Primadonna]. 

The head voice possesses the duality of the midrange so Marina can either produce a tone and timbre that is thick and controlled, or one that is akin to a falsetto, being breathy warm and light.

Vocal Negatives:Though her individual style is a plus in this world of copycat singers, it would be nice to hear Marina embellish that style occasionally with some more "Diva-ish" vocal skills- such as melisma, belted and sustained notes. We like our Divas to show off once in a while.

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I like her individual sound and unique delivery. Her voice can sound gutsy and theatrical one moment, airy and choral the next.

  2. Now that's one pop singer I really like.
    "recreate her studio renditions perfectly" seems a tad exaggerated but in a way it's good that isn't totally true. I'd say she is equally good live but not perfectly recreation the studio and that makes her interesting.
    Also have to disagree with wishing for her to show off vocally.
    Anyway, she certainly doesn't need to belt and perform other tricks to show off. Those clever songs and her originality quite show up a lot of those belting divas already plenty.

  3. She's got an absolutely stunning voice, and I had the opportunity to see her live just a couple of weeks ago. The main thing that surprised me was how she effortlessly recreated the sound of her studio recordings. Even my mum reached over to say "she sounds like she does on the CD!"
    I really wish she'd do more "diva" stuff with it though. You can tell she can, and she definitely has the range so...maybe in the future. Electra Heart is such a different sound than The Family Jewels, so here's hoping!

  4. I agree. I like that she's not a huge show-off or a Broadway belter. I indulge myself more in her lyrical delivery and she pulls it off so naturally that I don't find myself waiting for the usual belted D5, E5, or F5, etc.

  5. She is one perfect example for "guilty pleasure". Her songs, so fun to listen to and singalong (even though I sound bad) but seriously! Singing to her songs is pure fun! She really does switch effortlessly. Her low notes though, they are very/quite weak live. Thanks for the profile! <3

  6. One of my favorite voices and artists to emerge from recent years, and songwriters as well.

  7. And on a completely unrelated and shallow point Marina has an absolutely incredible figure.
    She could easily have gone the Katy/Rihanna/Spears route with her career, but I'm quite glad to see she hasn't.

  8. LOL I will join you in being shallow and admit...i also noticed she is very easy on the eyes. Way more so in fact than the other three you mentioned imo

  9. I will agree with that opinion. I just used them as the main examples of "singers" who focus more so on selling their looks, being models more so than singers.

  10. Who do you guys think is the better singer: Florence or Marina?

  11. Two totally different vocalists IMHO. Neither is "better."

  12. This basically.

  13. Yes, I understand you just picked those three where you could have picked number of names as example. I just wanted to share amongst those three I personally happen to find not any to be even nearly as attractive looking. :)

  14. You aren't alone in that thought ;)

  15. I can't wait for you all to do Kimbra's vocal range. I love both Marina and Kimbra but I really wanna see Kimbra's.

  16. No no no...Alison Krauss first! ;D


  17. I like both singers equally, so I wasn't trying to pit them against each other. I just see the debate of who is the better singer brought up frequently on music forums, so I just wanted honest opinions from people who have more expertise when it comes to vocals. That's all, really.

  18. Well, I know nothing about voice types or voice quality but I still feel free to write my opinion. Web forums and sites are marvelous - you can write down any stupidity you can imagine and people will read that.
    Marina's first album was quite interesting. Quality of her voice makes her very versatile singer. I can easily imagine her singing punk rock, blues or cabaret repertoire. And her voice has effortless agility.
    However her midrange timbre (quite unique) sounds unpleasant for me at times. It's lacking richness somehow and I can hear a bit "metallic", raw edged quality in it. Sometimes it sounds as it was compressed and part of harmonics (subharmonics rather) were cut down. Generally I think that's the main reason why sound engineers use layered harmonies so extensively on her tracks - just to get more balanced, warmer and fuller sound.
    I believe her midrange will become richer and full-bodied as she gets older.
    That's just my opinion so don't take it seriously and try not to crucify me;)

  19. Well, to be clear, my "expertise" is decades of listening, that's all.
    But if you take note, you will find that most with a deep interest in music generally would not rank different singers against each other that way. Especially not when they have such different vocal styles.

    Just my opinion but I would say the only proper answer in that debate is "don't be silly".

    But...if you really wanted to settle that question, you would first have to define the standard very specifically. "better singer" is way too broad a question.

  20. Can't say I agree with that midrange assessment. I don't find anything unpleasant there.
    Here's a video without layered harmonies. I personally this not lacking anything in warmth, balance and fullness. :)


  21. Don't be silly , T. like opie said, we all have our own opinions. Its personal taste.

  22. I really need to get on to that .. :P

  23. http://i352.photobucket.com/albums/r349/reddragon2_photos/tumblr_m8pj3hBFfG1qkh5w0.gif

  24. I mean if you look at it from a technical perspective Marina has a more agile voice and stronger lower register and has better intonation and phrasing while Florence has a more amble sounding mid-range and upper belt and has a better displayed use of vocal dynamics, but I wouldn't put one above the other. They both lend their voices very well to the music they craft :P

  25. I wasn't precise enough. I meant this part of her register where she sounds "almost androgynous". I can find that strange and edgy sound in the video above (her vocal range) between F3 and A4. Metallic (voice from tin bucket), compressed(?), ... unpleasantly sluttish (pardon me).
    However I can't rule out it may be brain damage or deafness inflicted by years of hard rock and punk rock listening;)))

  26. Thanks that was helpful. I get what quality of her voice you mean now. :)

    But I wouldn't associate that with the words metallic or slutty myself.
    I think we have a Jungian sort of thing going here where you are trying to explain your emotional connection to that particular quality of her voice with words that have a similar emotional connection for you.
    Does that sound about right to you?

    Problem is, I hear something very different in my head when I read those words metallic and slutty. Equally negative words to me but connected to a different vocal quality.
    I, in fact, find that quality of Marina's voice you speak of particularly interesting and pleasing and therefor positive.

  27. Opieeee, please give me a break with psychoanalysis. That is pile of... manure to me. When I think about psychoanalysis I see (with eyes of my imagination) Bruegel's painting - 'The Blind Leading The Blind'. People with emotional and personality problems study psychology because they think it gives them solutions and relief. And then they try to help others still having own problems unresolved. Bloody risky business.
    As for word 'slutty' I used expression 'unpleasantly sluttish' with emphasis on 'unpleasantly'. That's because I can find singers singing in 'pleasantly sluttish' manner (Juliette Lewis, PJ Harvey at times, L7 girls).
    I've never had ambition to judge her voice. Don't expect me to watch dozens of her live performance videos when I feel uncomfortable listening her studio recordings due to this particular sound I don't like.

  28. LOL You misunderstood my meaning. Jung , in contrast with Freud, made the observation that a tall building may to some be a symbol for, you know what, but to an architect or engineer it will have very different emotional connection. In their mind it will stand for work for instance.

    I meant that it seems you find that sound of her voice unpleasant and tried to describe it with words normally not used when describing vocals. Problem being, since they are not frequently used and I have different connections in my head when I hear those words and have to connect them to vocals, it was difficult for me to understand what you meant exactly. Beyond the fact that is was obviously not positives.

    iow I was trying to analyze your comment. Not you.

    I for instance think of someone who sleeps around a lot when I hear the word slut but do not find that a negative. Merely a different lifestyle from mine. I'd probably use trashy where you would use slutty in the negative sense.

    As for watching live videos. I simply said that this is what I do when judging a voice and that it seems very strange to me to judge a voice on how it sounds after all kinds of engineering has gone into it.
    It went to that range video, not to anything you said about Marina. :)
    I don't "expect" you to try and like what you don't like.

    Your general view on psychologists and psycho analysis I quite agree with. :)

  29. Oh, I cannot like her voice. I find it... obnoxious. To be fair, I've only listened to Primadonna though.

  30. OK, Opie. But honestly, judging voices is not my pair of shoes. My attitude is: buy whole package or nothing. If I find repertoire interesting somehow, I'll buy it. If not, I won't and even heaven sent voice won't help.
    I have not much to say about contemporary divas, so usually I keep my mouth shut. They mostly pay much attention to showing off, not much to songwriting. Enough to say - Whitney Houston's greatest hit was actually old Dolly Parton's song.
    I do prefer Sinead O'Connor's fatigued voice, at least I know she wrote the songs and she has something to say. While listening her new album I know her voice was engineered (multilayered) because it sounds oddly nowadays. However it's OK with me. I know she can't sing as good as 15 years ago and she doesn't pretend she can. I don't feel need to check how she cope with that during live performances. I'm interested in material she has written and recorded not in how good she can sing.
    I'm actually accidental passer-by at this forum. I stopped for a while because I found discussion with you quite exciting.
    I don't believe there are standard words for vocal description. Sure you remember how Callas' voice has been described - "guttural", "bottleneck sound" so on. That's just matter of associations.

  31. If you mean judging voices as in making vocal profiles. Neither am I.
    I think we both look at the whole packadge.
    To me as well the material ultimately is more important than technical prowess. But it seems the voice is to me a bit bigger factor than to you. I too sort of landed here not out of an interest in Divas but hang on because of interesting conversations.

    But as far as judging voices as in liking or not liking..surely everybody is capable and in fact does so all the time. None of us, I think can afford to buy just every record. We all need to prioritize based on our personal judgment. ;D

    I would say there are words that are more commonly used to describe voices than others. Guttural is in fact definitely one as it refers to the throat directly.
    Bottleneck similarly refers to something going through a narrow passage. The basic association is clear to a large group of people.
    The more commonly used, the easier understood. Less commonly used, I need more explanation. because indeed, it is a matter of association. I do believe that was my point? ;)
    I asked for that explanation because I enjoy reading your insights so I want to also make sure I understand them.

    As for the live videos...I really don't like fakery and so I want to hear at least a bit, the most natural voice before I can say if I think it's a "good" ( i.e. one I like) voice.
    But that doesn't mean my liking an artist stands or falls with that. I love Willie Nelson for instance. Really not one of your beautiful or most versatile voices. Yet the "whole package"...Awesome!!! :)

  32. If you want Opie just send me videos on Alison where she goes low or high to my youtube account, and I'll pitch them and send them to Diva. I've pitched a fair amount of the notes for profiles on here and do it all the time on youtube, I wouldn't mind doing the same for Alison :) I'm sure it would speed up the process of making her profile.

  33. Cheers Serendipity! That would be awesome. I know you do it all the time. :)

  34. I saw her live and she's really boring as a vocalist. She's pretty average.

  35. I have seen the concert videos and I disagree with you.

  36. She really is fantastic! I am still giving her albums play time, even though they have been out for donkeys, very unlike me to regularly make time to re visit stuff!

  37. She really is fantastic! I am still giving her albums play time, even though they have been out for donkeys, very unlike me to regularly make time to re visit stuff!

  38. I would like to see one for Kimbra as well. She has a very eccentric vocal styling. Her live game needs some work though.

  39. I would just like to think Diva so much! I have been waiting for this profile for the longest time! Marina is my latest obsession, her lyrics and the quality of that voice! I was really curious as to the assessment of her voice! So thank you!

  40. I agree. Her lower range to mid range is decent but I recently watched her attempt to belt and I had to exit youtube...I was so disappointed...But she's only 23.... She will get better with age. I think she's a phenomenally dark mezzo soprano. I just think she needs to work on her phrasing, support, tone, and vocal placement in the fifth octave belts because even her C5's sound shrill. I'd expect a note like an F5 to sound shrill but not a C5....maybe I'm nit picking....lol

  41. She's having problems belting? What? How do you have problems belting? LOL.

    1. Easily. Dark and heavy low to mid range with a lighter sweeter head could cause mixing to be a problem if you're going for a chestier sound (i.e., belting). It can be done though, obviously, or we'd have no heldentenors or dramatic sopranos/mezzos.

  42. She is one of those female singers where there lower range (anything bellow middle C) has a lot of weight, and a cavernous quality but her higher range (anything above middle c) sounds rather weightless.

    In other words, she belts just fine its just that I am a crazy person who's ears are bipolar.

    Kimbra does nice belting in the studio. listen to her hit a few E5's in the back ground of "something in the way you are." The belting in the "Plain Gold Ring" song, singsing studious addition was phenomenal, I believe it was an upward slide from B4ish- E5- with some scatting in the mix around F/G5.

    I really like Kimbra but her voice irritates me at times. She is capable of belting, but her shrillness in the 5th octave is irritating me.

    I don't know exactly what Kimbra's vocal Fach is but she's definitely a dark Mezzo-Soprano. As I said before, anything bellow C4 sounds well rounded, rich and even cavernous at times. Anything above C4 sounds lighter and less weighty. When she gets into her 4th octave belts they are rather weighty but that all changes in the 5th octave. They maintain clarity but they sound like she's squeezing her throat.

    A comparable mezzo-soprano would be Anastacia. A lot of people think she's a contralto but she doesn't belt like a Contralto. For Anastacia, anything bellow C4 sounds like a man is singing it. In fact all of her 4th octave belts sound like a man is singing them. lol But in the 5th octave, her weight vanishes and she sounds very punchy and lacks the brightness that I'd expect a contralto to have.

    When I belt in the 5th octave I sound weightier then Anastacia does and I'm a leggiero tenor. I mean I get shrill too the closer I got to my top note (E5/F5) but not to the extent that Those two do.

    But with Kimbra, she gets much more weightless then Anastacia above C5. So, I think I rectified it. lol

  43. Anastacia has a crazy amount of weight on her voice. Some here find her a contralto but still others a mezzo. Whatever the case, I am a high tenor and she is weightier than me in every single register. LOL. Her voice just slays anything in sight. But she does gain a more feminine coloring as the belts get higher. But from C4 down, I agree, that could be a man singing the notes.

  44. lol, I hated making the comparison of Kimbra to Anastacia because their voices sound totally different. But that thing between the C4 about their vocal weight is something they have in common although Kimbra still sounds quite feminine down to her bass note. Anastacia was the first person who came to my my mind. And about Anastacia, I beleive she is a mezzo because she can belt up to A5 live. Which is amazing for someone with her weight characteristics. But to me, her weight goes down when she gets above D5. I mean its not by a substantial margin. It just begins to sound like typical mezzo soprano belts. WAIT!!!! Damn..I can't seem to say it the way I want to. lol

  45. My understanding is Anastacia has sung above an A5 in head voice, but it's not reflected here on DD. And yes, that is a high belting register -- and sometimes she'll belt out note after note. She reminds me of one of those natural belters. Some of us have to work hard at it, and then others just have got it in their favor. LOL. I'd say the weight does lessen past D5 slightly but her voice is just so robust that the lightening isn't as significant as other singers.

  46. I love Anastacia with all my might. I am an extreme belter for a male I mean. I can belt from E4-F5 with ease but I got problems with my head voice...I mean serious problems...I can't even sing up to G5 today in head but I can sing well into the 5th octave in chest. I mean, my head voice extends upwards to Bb5/B5 but that is on rare days. For me, chest is everything.

  47. If you are indeed a leggiero, part of this issue is chestier vocals vs. the lightening mechanism. Leggieros often like a more strident sound when they attempt more dramatic material so they chest up to gain volume and extract power from their light agile voices. But this goes against one aspect of the voice. To regain access to HV, you need to lighten the weight on your voice if you ascend unless you are belting. There is a dual mechanism in the leggiero voice that must be mastered. To get up to HV, you will need to lighten the weight of your vocals because too much weight cuts off access to G5 and up. To belt, accordingly add weight and center the tone.

  48. Yes, Anastacia has sung up to D6 live in head voice.

  49. I knew she did. That lady is a cavernous mezzo.

  50. I got content on youtube for you to hear for yourself. Thanks BTW.

    If I had to describe my timbre, I'd say for one I'm very raspy. I don't like doing runs a lot because for one, my microphone is dodgy and when I do a run when i'm not belting it sounds a tad clumbsy. Also my voice is nasaly so I compensate by adding a lil head. And as afromentioned, my chest regester is by far my strongest suit....when I sing with the correct technique of course....

  51. For some reason I can't post links to my videos. But I guess I have to describe my timbre to you. My vocal range is like from C2-B5. My voice by male standards is close to being weightless. I have a very raspy voice and i think I sing like a 40 year old woman who's been smoking cigars since she was born. I got a crazily agile voice when I'm belting and its easy to control runs when I have vocal tension keeping my voice in check. But when i'm singing in my mid range, runs get sloppy. I don't have a distinctively clear tone and my tone is rather flat to my ears (then again everything is). Some people told me I have a naturally heady voice but I don't hear it at all. In fact I think I'm a horrendous singer, for me to be someone classically trained. lol Just look me up on YouTube. I'm Montrez Rambo.

    And Thanks BTW...

  52. Hi there, I took a listen. You do have a slight texture to your vocals but it's not heavy. Your tessitura is different than mine and your timbre is wholly distinct with a urban flavor and a noted affinity for rhythmic patterns in the way you phrase. It's a very contemporary sound you've got. I didn't hear any higher extension on the two videos I watched so I can't comment on that. Your voice is slightly smoky I'd say with just a touch of rasp although it's not evident. As for a low note of C2, you get quite a bit under me! I am starting to wonder if I am the weird one here. LOL. I can't really listen for agility or runs since it's not in the songs you covered. Can you point me in the right direction?

  53. lol, I haven't uploaded any videos where I did any crazy runs. But I'm currently uploading videos now. One actually has some small runs but they don't show what I can do.

  54. Also, listen to my song get addicted...at the very end around the 4:49 mark, I start singing my lowest notes. I don't have my vocal coach at hand so I can't tell you any specifics but I can say its in the lower half of the second octave.

  55. Yeah, you just touched a C2 at the end there. But you sound clearest at F2 and above and much less muddled.

  56. Thanks. I had to get into my vocal fry to hit that C2. lol And in my song Raw Element....it was some high belting at the very end. I double recorded because I had no idea how to use audacity at time...lol

  57. Yeah, I saw belts sitting around B4 there in the harmonies. It's a sound that would mesh well with the current scene. Seems in keeping with some of the harmonics structures of the songs out now. You write your own stuff, too, yes? That can help ensure you have a good fit in terms of tessitura. I write my own material for the best fit.

  58. I do. I can't ever seem to find instrumentals that reflect the 70s and 40s....gosh....I love the musical instrumentation of those times.

  59. I saw her live. I really enjoyed it. I think she is very good at arranging music so that when she goes from the studio to a live performance it retains that exuberant quality. My favorite song she performed obsessions. It was so good.

  60. i love her but i feel as though her overall voice is an acquired taste

  61. I'm just going to use my southern bluntness to say this.....She can turn a hill around faster than a farmer can shuck corn....

  62. I'm from the south, but I haven't heard that phrase before.
    Care to explain it?

  63. @divadevotee:disqus I've made a new video on Marina (and taken down the current one posted on here), if you care to replace it here's a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vQi2W21mPI

  64. Here in southwest ga, my friends and I have been doing this thing when we make up these very extremely "country" analogies that make no sense but sound like they do..... loll.....

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  68. She sounded so amazing on Conan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8airDbUMqsk

  69. She's nothing special as a vocalist. I've been a huge fan of her music since The Family Jewels, but even I can admit that her voice isn't that amazing.

  70. Well, I never said she is an amazing vocalist. I simply disagreed with her not being ''an amazing vocalist'' making her boring. I do think she is special in that she has her own style and is instantly recognisable. Which in my book makes her not ''average''.
    And her songs are clever and witty. Another reason why she doesn't bore me.
    Plus she has personality...a third reason why she doesn't bore me.

  71. I keep listening to her live performances wanting to like them, wanting to be wowed and wanting to be surprised yet she never ceases to underwhelm. I love her music as well as lyrics but I can really only listen to her and enjoy it with production. Her voice doesn't really do anything for me

  72. She has a beautiful voice. I saw her live perfomances on YouTube (I mean fancam) and even through this not best quality I heard the power of her voice. She's an amazing vocalist, nothing else I can say.

  73. I really don't want to offend her, but I feel that her voice is a little bit androgynous and thus an acquired taste. But it's just my taste about her.

  74. I really like Marina and personally don't interpret it as androgynous nor would I find it off putting in any way if it was, but I can see how her timbre could sound like that to some.
    I do believe her voice might be to many a bit of an acquired taste indeed. :-)

  75. Yeah, you're right, but as I said before, I don't want to offend neither her nor anyone who likes her. For me it's only a taste, maybe I'm not used to her voice.

  76. Aaw dude. Don't worry too much! She won't read it and if anybody is offended by how you feel about something/voice/body....well, stuff them! You have the right to feel what you feel and to honestly express that. :-)

  77. I couldn't agree more with you. Anyway, thanks for being polite with me and not insulting me just like those obsessed fans.

  78. I know we kinda had an argument, but I wanna post this, saying that her voice is definitely an acquired taste, imo being a bit operatic sounding sometimes.

  79. Is she really a Mezzo? I'm not sure if it is because of her heady and somewhat opera style belts that do it but she sounds like a soprano to me. Her lows are pretty light even if she can go lower than the average mezzo (Eb3 live). Her tessitura is around the fourth octave but she has phrased in the fifth octave almost effortlessly in many songs such as Hollywood and the Outsider. She could be a Beyonce type case where she is just a naturally higher placed mezzo but it's hard to tell because of her choice of artistic style. Her ability to switch registers instantly is pretty crazy and that's probably her vocal style. It's easy to tell when it's her singing so her voice is signature as well.

    For her music, this woman is a genius. Her songs are original and have so much satire, relatability, and symbolism it's crazy --- and in this day and age it is hard to find singer song writers like her. Playful tone and catchy beats make her a star and I just wish she was more popular in the USA. I agree though, she isn't a show off whatsoever but the fact that she plays around with her voice to get out that warm bouncy tone is magnificent in its own respect.

  80. Mateus Souza Zabeu30 November 2013 at 18:02

    How can you judge her voice listening only two of the most "made for selling popular" songs? Listen to Buy The Stars, Lies, Living Dead...

  81. I'm 'judging' her voice on how she chooses to present it to the general public.

    Also, I'm not exactly 'judging'. I'm just presenting an opinion.

  82. Just saying..she presents her voice in more than one way to the general public. Maybe two songs is indeed not enough? ;-)


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