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Thursday 16 August 2012

[Free Music] Kelly Clarkson "Get Up (A Cowboy's Anthem)"

Do I like Kelly Clarkson? Yes. Do I like free music? God, yes! Do I like American Football? Not particularly. Well then, today is (kinda) my lucky day because Ms Clarkson has released a rousing (free) tribute to her hometown American football team, the Dallas Cowboys

Kelly Clarkson is one of five musicians- the others being Kid Rock, Travie McCoy, Ice Cube and Wiz Khalifa- been given the opportunity by Pepsi to write and record a song for their own favourite team. Kelly was apparently so excited with the honour of recording a song for the Dallas Cowboys, she penned the lyrics the same night she was offered the gig! Now that is a fan!

Thursday 11 November 2010

Should Mariah Carey be worried about Rihanna stealing her Crown?

Mariah Carey has had the most number one singles on the American Billboard charts of any solo act, but with Rihanna scoring her tenth Number one with the Britney Spears featured S and M , should Carey be worried about the young upstart stealing her crown in the near future? Perhaps more worrying for Carey is that it took her till the age of 25 to score her 9th Number 1 with Fantasy where as the Barbadian singer had already scored the equivalent at the tender age of 22.

Mariah Carey's Number 1s:

  1. "Vision Of Love" 1990
  2. "Love Takes Time" 1991
  3. "Someday " 1991
  4. "I Don't Wanna Cry" 1991
  5. "Emotions" 1992
  6. "I'll Be There" 1993
  7. "Hero" 1993
  8. "Dream Lover" 1995
  9. "Fantasy" 1995
  10. "One Sweet Day" 1996
  11. "Always Be My Baby" 1996
  12. "Honey" 1997
  13. "My All" 1998
  14. "Heart breaker" 1999
  15. "Thank God I Found You"2000
  16. "We Belong Together" 2005
  17. "Don't Forget About Us" 2005
  18. "Touch My Body" 2008

Rihanna's Number 1s:
  1. "SoS" 2006
  2. "Umbrella" 2007
  3. "Take A Bow" 2008
  4. "Disturbia" 2008
  5. "Live Your Life" 2008
  6. "Rude Boy" 2010
  7. "Love The Way You Lie"2010
  8. "What's My Name" 2010
  9. "Only Girl (in the world)" 2010
  10. "S and M" 2011