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Monday 6 December 2010

Nicole Scherzingers' first attempt at solo success

Nicole Scherzinger:  whatever u like
video still

Nicole Scherzinger, is currently having a stab at solo success with the release of her new single "Poison" (see her performance of the song here on the X-Factor). However, What many people don't know is that this isn't her first attempt at launching a solo career post the Pussy Cat Dolls. 

That came in 2007 when Nicole released the grimy, sexually suggestive, single Whatever U like featuring T.I. Despite it being very of of the moment at the time song- think of it as a mash up of Beyonce's Ring the Alarm and Kelis' Bossy-  it didn't connect with the listeners and quickly tanked.  Surmising the public didn't like "sexy" Nicole, record execs scrambled to save the project by toning down Nicole sauciness and releasing the non-threatening, and terrible,follow up, Baby love. Unfortunately for Nicole this single also flopped and as a result of the combined failure the album "Her name is Nicole" was shelved and never released.

Here's hopping its second time luck for Nicole Scherzinger and her solo career.