Tuesday, 10 November 2009

REVIEW: Mariah Carey "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel"

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Mariah Carey : Memories of An Imperfect Angel

Listening to Mariah Carey's latest album, Memoires of an imperfect Angel, makes a previously unnoticed rut the 5 octave singer has been stuck in since the Buttefly album become shockingly apparent all of a sudden.

Here we have an album that doesn’t have Mariah trying to stay relevant, or safe, by chasing current pop trends and singers or rehashing #1s from her last album. Instead, Memoirs offers a riskier album with a Mariah who is funny (Up Out My Face) sassy (Betcha Gon Know, Standing O), and clever ( H.A.T.E.U, Up Out My Face).

Vocally, Mariah is on top form- if at times slightly annoying with the unnecessary whistle embellishments. The most striking vocal aspect of this album is the appearance of Mariahs’ midrange minus the whispery, airy quality applied to it. There’s been much discussion about the "whispery voice" being a sign of her mid-range being damaged, but this album makes it clear that its still present and clear if she so chooses to use it. Although her voice still sounds raw and rough in parts no one can deny that Mariah can still sing better than most.

To any Mariah fan this album will be initially hard to get into, as the formula that started with the "Daydream" album has been set aside (“Angels cry” may help ease you in). However, this is a rewarding album that highlights that Mariah “the hit factory” Carey is not necessary the Mariah we want or need.

Download: "Standing O", "It's A Wrap", "H.A.T.E. U", "Obsessed".
Avoid: "I Want To Know What Love Is"
Summary: The is the true Emancipation of Mimi, but is let down by "I want to know what love is" which sounds as if it has been tagged on as a point of reference for old school Mariah fans.


Memoires of An Imperfect angel vocal range : b2- d7

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  1. It's really strange that MOAIA (Betcha Gon Know in particular) was the album that brought me back to Mariah. I stopped following her after Rainbow.. and didn't get into the TEOM hype. So even if MOAIA didn't sell very well, I'm extremely thankful for it because it made me appreciate her newer albums that I didn't give a chance to. Mariah has said that MOAIA is like Butterfly maybe that's why I immediately connected to it, since Butterfly is my favourite Mariah album :)