Monday, 5 October 2009

Watch Mariah Carey's sister, Alison, sing! Does vocal talent run in the family?

mariah careys sister alison

With Mariah Carey a singing sensation, and her mother Patricia Carey being a successful opera singer, I've- and I'm sure quite a few of you have- always wanted to know if singing runs in the Carey family gene pool. Well watch below as another Carey- in the form of Mariah's estranged and older sister, Alison- demonstrates her own vocal skills and judge for yourself.

My opinion: Alison's voice sounds darker and lower in its tessitura than her famous sister, and her range also appears to be more limited in scope, as we see her struggle to hit some of the notes. However, they share the same smoky timbre to their voice as well as a similarity in their phrasing.

I quite like Alison Carey's voice and find the overall sound would have suited a jazz record perfectly. However, it's sad to think what her voice really would have sounded like if she hadn't had such a tough life and had received the training Mariah had. Perhaps Alison too would have laid claim to a five octave range.

Does anyone else think she not only bears a resemblance to Mariah Carey facially, but also sounds a lot like her when she speaks?? It's uncanny...

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  1. I like her voice. Maybe her and mariah can duet.

  2. She is very pretty and has a nice voice. She shld take lessons and do jazz music.

  3. Unfortunately, Alison Carey suffers from many personal battles similar to what Whitney Houston dealt with that more than likely will ever prevent her from becoming a recording artist. I can tell her voice is damaged and untrained, it so said but she probably had a voice that could have rivaled Mariah.


  5. I always thought Patricia had taught all of her children how to sing seeing as they all admired Soul and blues legends and Mariah wasn't the only one who wanted to become a singer (although she definitely showed the most determination). Alison's voice is dark and hollow due to the many drug issues she faces which is why she has sort of been shunned by the family and Mariah was forced to take her kids away. The girl has issues. I think that;'s the biggest reason she never got a deal.

  6. Yeh I have seen interviews with Alison, she is slightly unhinged and extremely defensive and deflecting with said issues, typical addict behaviours really. She could have flourished had she not went down that dodgy path.

    Her voice here is a mere spectre of what could have been, its sad really.