Tuesday 14 July 2015

[Vocal Profile]Ciara

Vocal Type: Soubrette Soprano/ Light-Lyric Mezzo Soprano
Voice range Studio: (G#2-Bb5) 3 octaves and 1 note
Vocal Range Live: (C3-C#6) 3 octaves and a semi-tone
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: Ciara possesses a light/bright nimble voice, capable of intricate runs. Not your typical singer, starting out as a dancer/singer with little to no control over her instrument, she has grown into a singer/dancer with improved breath control, dynamics, tone and power. The Washington Post has said of her voice that she has a "reedy, agile voice, capable of conveying the only 3 emotions (sexy, sassy, and sad) an R&B singer needs".

Her lower register is light and smoky, and she tends to harmonize low notes in a studio setting rather than live. In a live setting Ciara is more comfortable singing within the third octave (C3 and up)[Hear:Backseat Love], but is able to reach the second octave [Lullaby].

Her middle register has a warm quality, and is light and bright [ Overdose ]. Here is where the voice is most comfortable, displaying its versatility with Ciara being able to adopt a speak/sing tone (giving her a more "urban" sound)[ Get Up ]; a pure bright sound [I Bet]; or a thin whispery tone [Hotline].

The belting register has improved greatly- originally being timid and whiny- and has evolved to a light, bright register, with slight huskiness at the upper extremes (F5) when not mixed [Body Party Live]. But she is capable of mixing to reach the upper extremes with more ease [Turn it Up ]. Ciara can also now sustain notes and fully sing while dancing.

The upper registers are light in weight and bright in colour, tending to favour falsetto over head voice in a studio setting [Goodies]. However, Ciara can solidify the tone, adding resonance, thickness and a haughty, operatic like quality [High Price].

Vocal Negatives:Lows can seem thin and airy after C3, while belts can sound whiny and thin (often placed with an uneven mix). She usually opts for falsetto, making it sound shrill and thin

Thanks to Patrick Castillo  for compiling the profile !


  1. I love her voice. I think the breathy feel to ir makes it special, and Ciara knows how to use it, not to mention she's an amazing performer.

  2. Patrick Castillo199411 October 2011 at 16:50

    CIara, is a soubrette Mezzo-Soprano. And her vocal range Spans 4 octaves,
    Vocal Fry/ Low Notes
    Modal Register
    Belting Register
    Falsetto/ Head voice Register
    now does she possess a whistle register? not yet, but if she gets the vocal training that she needs it can be possible
     *the (A2) harmonizes in "Ride", (Bb2) harmonizes in "Switch", (B2) live on web-cam, (C3) live in concert during a low melismatic slide. The F#5 belt was harmonized in the song "Tell Me What Your Name Is", The (A6) was a chirp in the song "I'm On"

  3. Howdy Patrick, I've just listened to Ride and couldn't find a note anywhere near an A2, could you tell me where it is.

    I agree with the soubrette prefix, but I haven't used it here- though I used it on Britney's profile because people were going nuts- because that's more to do with a role that someone with that kind of voice would play in an opera and is not classified as a vocal fach in itself .

  4. I really like the breathy feel too her voice. Will amend the profile to include it!

  5. I just want to say, I've never beena  super huge Ashanti fan, but you need to add her on here. Check out the cover of The Bodyguard songs she did, especially I Will Always Love You.
    Obviously, she's not Whitney, but impressive none the less, especially for someone who I don't usually associate with having great pipes-

  6. hey thanks for that  link here is the comment I left there

    "I think Ashanti did a great job, but her tone is a little too weak to
    really do these songs justice.Though to be fair to her not many people
    would be able to compare favourably to Whitney Houston. I think her take
    on “I will always Love you” was better as it had individual flourishes
    and style added to the vocals that made the song more her own. I totally
    agree with you about her voice maturing though, it definitely sounds
    stronger than before."

  7. Ciara has hit an A5 in her head register

  8. Patrick Castillo199422 February 2012 at 17:53

    okay i am back! Ciara is a Soubrette Mezzo-Soprano, (Bb2-C6)
    Lowest note (Bb2) harmonized in "Switch" and "Click, Flash"
    Highest belt (F#5) in "Make it Last Forever"
    highest note (C6) live in interview with wendy williams

  9. Patrick Castillo19941 March 2012 at 16:24

    hello i listened to it again, and it was an (F3-A3-C4) thats the harmony, my bad. but her voice goes lower than (C3) and higher than (G5). If you dont include her exclaimations, (C#6), (D6), (Eb6), (E6), (F6), (F#6), (G6), or (G#6), then she would still have a 3 octave vocal range (B2-C6), just look at the video where she hits a (B2)

  10. Ciara is a Soubrette !! 
    Ciara gives the sixth eighth notes in some songs, for example the album: FantasyRide

  11. Ciara's actual vocal range is about B2-B5. That video is extremely dated. She's hit B2 in lower harmonies of some of her songs like "Click Click Flash" here: 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjMZyptrBys , B2 lower harmony of "I Run It" here: 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8gjoSkXbJU & a B5 live performing with 50 cent at a club here: 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iNRE0QTk74 8:22

  12. She sings G5 -c6

  13. If Ciara practiced better control, and had cleaner runs/vibrato, she'd have a great voice. Her tone is very sweet and unique, but her vocal control is pretty bad. I mean, she has improved over the years but not much! Amazing performer though!

  14. I think she's a good . It really surprised me was that she sings while dancing and that's tough. Very few can do it! Seriously most people mim.

  15. This needs to be updated Ciara is an airy soprano now

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